beats of the streets || el burrito flash

The time is 12:15 and I am writing to you from The Island. Delaney is in bed, but I’m not sure if she is actually going to nap or not. Oh! And the dogs just walked in there. Good ole dogs. Okay, and now I just went in there and kissed her goodnap. Now I’m out here listening to FLYING Carpet. I found this by typing Indian hookah lounge into the Spotify search bar. Brett tells me that Tidal is a platform specifically for high quality music? Damn. I’ve thought about switching to Tidal for a while. Idk why I don’t. Is it even that much more expensive? I don’t think so. I have a feeling Tidal is the future for me. I’ll get there. I’ll get there.

Am I a snake because I speak in tongues? Or do I speak in tongues because I am a snake? And really, the worst question is yet to be asked.

I mentioned a while ago that I was ready to love multiple women and that I wanted to kiss women on the forehead when I greet them. People bring this to my attention haha. This is a lifestyle I will not likely adopt, but I do hope to inspire others to embrace a more loving American Culture. As far as loving multiple women, well, that’s not much of a choice I have. Love has a residual effect, and so I say that to stop loving someone is impossible. Who have you ever stopped loving? And now tell me why. Say it really loud, or I won’t be able to hear you.

The amount of grammatical mistakes that exist in my writing is…honestly quite amazing. People have suggested, multiple times and citing multiple circumstances, that I might have dyslexia. Could my misspellings be a result of such a thing as that? Because like…I use the wrong word hella hecka all the time and I re-read everything I publish one time – almost never twice, almost never nonce.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you! BEATS OF THE STREETS IS TONIGHT! Woohoo! That’s what I’m going to title this article. Idk why I didn’t write about that earlier in the week. One thing I am working to do, is talk less about myself, and more about the world around me and the happenings I am actually involved with.

Yo, I just got lost in phone zone. How’s that for some irl.

I started drinking Nettle Tea this week. What do you think of that fancy shit? Where do you think I can get the good nettles? Okay, I’m going to message my friend Yeboa right quick. He lives in Texas.

be merry

Beeswax fin.

My cup says BE MERRY on it. I just love Christmas. Ugh. I think I ate too many of these mixed nuts. I’m a little sleepy now. And we have to leave soon. It’s gonna be a long fucking day! Forreal! I’m spaghetti.

x. Spark Twain