platinum birthdays

Platinum Birthday’s

This is my world to do what I want with ~ So I’m drinking green crushed leaf with red+green shots. Muwahahaha. I’m kidding. El diablo cultura es supremo, muchacho This is a senseless sentence, but I just ate some [pretty bad] huevos rancheros, and so ig I’m just feeling a vibe haha. I never actually thought about the fact that I might be able to speak Spanish, until I went to Vietnam, then I realized damn, if this was Mexico at least I could ask where the bathroom is.

This is my blog, and I can’t write anything I want on here. I might even write about you! Or, maybe I have and I just haven’t published it. I’ve written at least 30 pages since my last publishing on March 26th, but I haven’t thought any of my writings to be shareworthy. I’m sure you don’t know what I mean haha, but that’s how I roll.

So what kind of update can I give you? Cuming into the future, I was thinking of writing a book. I’ve been considering this for a long time. Sometimes I consider compiling all my blog posts and publishing them as a book. Not…all of them, but just the good stuff ~ you know?

Ellie is working the Kava bar today. She is the one who made my drink. She’s going to be a marine biologist in Australia someday, I’m pretty sure. I like the idea of saving the oceans, but my solution is to make a lot of money, and then perhaps I can use some of that money to save fish.

My friend Ozzy recently, he has been turning me onto this crypto currency called Digital Bits. It’s like a tertiary layer between the blockchain world and the retail world, and I believe it could be quite popular. He has also turned my on to Telcoin.

The time is 14:04 and I am sat next to Delaney and Jenna. Ellie is still working the bar, but Jenna was working this morning. Then I think she ran to a thrift store or something? But I’m not sure if she came back with anything new. I have been considering hitting a thrift someday-eventually haha.

The time will come! I got the shorts I am wearing from Buffalo Exchange in Austin Texas like three years ago. They still hold up!

Everyone is taking about their birthday’s ~ on the 21st of the month. And that’s relevant because it’s the 21st year of the century! 2021! So it’s like a super golden birthday, or something. The 21st of the month on the 21st year of the century. And everyone is turning 21! Except for me, I’m turning 101.

Don’t Panic! It’s Organic!

Mushrooms are a helluva medicine.

Her friend did too many mushrooms and then got on a plane. Same lady took her car and then went and got pulled over. Fun. I haven’t done mushrooms in a long time. I intend to do a lot of tripping in my 30’s, because, you know, why not?

So I’ve been thinking about all the crazy things I can do in the near future. The world is my oyster, and I love shellfish. Kind of. I’m not like crazy about shellfish, but I definitely eat that shit.

Okay…that’s what I’ve got for you today. I hope nobody is mad that I wrote about them without saying anything. I mean, these girls are literally sitting in front of me, and I just wrote about all of us, and now I’m going to publish it, but I didn’t say anything.

Also, to my readers, I’m sorry I haven’t published for like 3 weeks. I’m going to try and build a consistent schedule with my posting. Juli and I talked about it, and it made me feel much more comfortable about posting. Like, here’s someone who enjoys my blog, and they are suggesting I stick to posting once per week, or something I can keep up with. True encouragement from people that love me, and I love. If you read my blog, I love you.

x. Spark Twain

I woke up one early morning
The sun was in my hair
I sprawled out across the pavement
Nothing could compare
To the way that the world
Moved by so peacefully
The sun and the moon
Came to rest over me
~ JK ~