milwaukee day

April 14th ~ Milwaukee Day!

Today is 4/14, which means it’s Milwaukee day, because 414 is the Milwaukee area code. I was born in Milwaukee, at Children’s Hospital. I was breech, born by C-section at about five in the afternoon. My Father describes it as an easy day. My Mother does not. Who woulda thunk!

Don’t get it twisted ~ today is not my birthday. Today is April 14th, 2021, and since 2010 that’s officially been Milwaukee day.

My Dad is in Arizona right now, and he is helping my Grandma relocate to FL. She’s going to live in Fort Myers, I’m pretty sure! And I’m sure she will come into the Kava Bar, and I’m sure you will meet her. If you tell my Grandma that you read about her on my blog, I hypothesize it would make her happy. Her and I have never gotten as close as we could have. Life is a delicate thing, and all you know forsure is that it will end. Take the time while you have it.

The time is 11:49, and I’m going to go out to Cape Coral BLVD and catch the bus up to my Dad’s neck of the woods, and then move my shirts out of my sisters room so she has a place to sleep when she comes back with my Dad. She’s been in AZ over a year. I’m sure you’ll meet her too ~ if you push for it haha. She’s kind of shy, but she’s pretty cool as well. She loves Anime.

The time is 21:00 here at Kava Culture in Bonita, and I just found out that my friend is going to major in creative writing at Empire State University! That’s pretty cool! Here’s a guy I’ve known for months, and I never knew he had an interest in writing! But you know, the more I write, right now, the more I am considering that we have spoken of this writing fascination before.

Shaggy fills the air.

Girl you’re my angel, you’re my darlin angel.

My mood is surprisingly good haha. I feel like everyone else in here is on a dim vibe. You will never know why. Unless you do, in which case…congratulations haha.

Doge coin is going crazy over the past couple of days! Did you see?

If you love my blog, feel free to tip me in doge coin. This is the link to the wallet right here. And if you think my girlfriend is hot and you want to anonymously [or not] tip here, you can send that Doge coin to this wallet.

Anyway ~ I am looking for a more efficient way to accept donations. On my ASMR blog I used to put a link at the bottom of every blog post. Maybe I will start doing something like that again. I’m just a dude traveling the world and writing his thoughts, you know what I’m saying? And as I see it the most direct way to receive compensation for my work is to receive compensation in the form of tips. Which is kind of strange to say, because tips means to ensure prompt service, and…well, yeah, actually, I was wrong, because if you tip me, you will immediately see an increase in the amount of writing I produce. I promise haha. I need to figure out some sort of…plan. With goals, and things that I can meter along the way. I’ve been using to try and get organized. It’s nice! I really like the name, because, if you didn’t know, Monday is my favorite day of the week. I was also born on a Monday.

It’s still not my birthday.

But, actually, Spark Twain’s birthday is April 20th. At least, that’s what Starbucks things. A lot of the apps and programs I use, mostly as Spark Twain, I have my birthday listed as 4/20. Why not? You know haha. But, to be real I first conceived the idea in April of 2019, and I bought the domain name that same month. I might have bought the domain name seconds after I thought of the idea, I really don’t remember.

The time is now 21:16. You know what? I’m really thinking about having a cigarette. Haha. No good! Who knows if I’m really going to do that right now. I really might though. Have a ciggy and go lay on the couch outside. It could be a real nice time.

You’ll never know. Unless you do.

x. Spark Twain