GC morning of 420

Green Cup ~ Morning of 4/20

The time is 10:49 and I am writing to you from Green Cup Café. One of my friends is here, and I usually only see him at kava, so it’s a nice change. I’m spending too much money at this café haha, and today I ordered the Supreme Wrap and a dbl espresso. The espresso here is of Narrative Coffee, and I rather enjoy it. It’s without a doubt the best espresso in downtown Fort Myers. There is one other place which I go to downtown for espresso, and that is Java House. The advantage of Java House is that they open at 06:30am. And you know me! I woke up at 3am for like 7 months in a row in San Francisco! That’s an exaggeration. I think I only did it for three months. There’s a song about California filling the air right now. I Shazamed it quick before the sound evaporated. Till Forever Falls Apart by Ashe & FINNEAS, whoever those folks are haha. The song was good. I love pop music ~ but don’t tell anyone!

420 wave promo

The espresso is well prepared, and It came in a disposable cup. It came with a lid. SWFL is very forward thinking, but the people who spend the most money, are still the lid-on people.

Did I tell you that I ordered the Supreme? It has arrived. I’m going to mow it down haha. And then…probably go to dtkc and wait for Neenie’s tonight. See you there!

x. Spark Twain