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Still 4/20 ~ Shameless Plug

The time is 11:45 and I am writing to you from Kava Culture in Downtown Fort Myers. I just got here, and until like 10 feet from the door, my fucking feet were dry. Idk what I was thinking leaving the house without my nikes haha. That was so dumb. I have waterproof shoes, and I didn’t bring them? I’m dumb as hell.

So I’m wondering how I should go about creating my YouTube channel. Well, actually, I might just continue on with the one I have. I made a video about crypto not-so-long-ago, and so I think continuing on with that would be natural. Wow! And it’s got 48 views! That’s pretty good for my YT channel. I only have one popular video, and it’s this one ~ where I review my backpack. It’s a kick-ass backpack! And if I was smarter, I would have gotten approved for an affiliation through North Face, or even Amazon and then I could have put a link to that product on Amzn and made a little money from that. I bet I would have made 2-3k from that video, but it’s water over the dam now! However, from here on out, I want to work harder to promote products that I can actually get paid for promoting haha.

x. Spark Twain