watching nate live

Watching Nate Live

The time is 10:47 and I am watching Nate Traveller spit what I believe are freestyles on his Instagram live. I told him I’m going to write about this, and he’s saying I shouldn’t, but I think that’s him just being humble. Maybe he doesn’t understand what I do, which is work for the preservation of contemporary society. Now I’m under the impression that he’s preforming a song that’s unreleased. So BASICALLY what that means is if you want to get in “the know” about the newest Traveller jams before they are really jams that you can hear, you have to follow him on Instagram. Nate, I have no idea if you are going to read this or not, but I bet that this is not what you thought jaja.


He’s talking fast and it’s confusing haha. ____ of the ____ is about being sustainable. That’s what I got from that. Now he’s rapping again.

A while back I talked to Nate once about his crypto investments, and then we got into talking about his music. I think I invited him out to one of the San Carlos Park open mics…I’m pretty sure that’s how the conversation started. And, honestly, I’m not trying to make any enemies with this blog haha, because I know that it’s very easy for me to make enemies with people when I write about them. But Yo, Nate, I told you that I was going to write about my experience in your IG live and I also told you I wasn’t screen recording, and both those things are true, so I hope I didn’t say too much here. I’m not really worried that you will unfollow me. You tell people to do what is in their heart. This is what’s in mine.

_____ ____ Explosion. Am I doing it right?

So! Anyway. Yesterday was 4/20 and it was a dope day. I went to Neenie’s at night and saw Jay Deru do his thing. His live shows are legendary, forreal. Afterwards I went to Kava dt and had some kratom, which was a good experience, and then my friend dropped me off.

In like 20 minutes I’m going to walk to the bus, and I’m going to take the bus to downtown Fort Myers, and then I’m probably going to get coffee? Even though I don’t feel like I should drink coffee ~ my anxiety is already pretty high. So anyway. Yeah. I missed the first bus I wanted to take, and then I opened up the computer and my phone and saw that Nate had his ig live, and wuwu now we’re here. But! That being said, I’m going to get ready to leave now. Peace!

x. Spark Twain