pacific rootz kava lounge

Pacific Rootz Kava Bar is Awesome

The time is 23:06 and I am writing to you from Pacific Rootz in Orlando.

Pacific Rootz has raised the bar! And you know what? Right now I’m thinking about Brian. I worked with him in Seattle, and last I heard he left the state with some young lady, and I think they were traveling to the east coast.

The time is now 23:21 and I am still sat in the same spot at Pacific Rootz. Bob Marley is filling the air. The kratom here is off the fucking chain. I drank it without any mixer. I don’t quite feel it yet, but I will. It’s been all day! Haha.

Today, we were talking about how it’s important to demonstrate ceremonial practices when you venture into living certain lifestyles. If you want to be happy, then you have to practice being happy. If you want to be happy, you can artificially induce that, but it will not bring about consistency in your life. If you want to be happy forever, you need consistency. You need stability! You need what I got haha.

Nah. Forreal tho. You need what you got.

I should be vlogging right now, but…alas! Ain’t I fucking writer? Haha. Rhetorical question, Farley!

So, here’s the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

People trust Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is like gold. Those are the reasons BTC is the most valuable cryptocurrency, and will forever be king of the cryptos.

Everyone at the kava bar just got hyped as fuck. The time is 23:44 ~ can you tell me why everyone in the kava bar just cheered? I literally have no idea ~ probably some sporting event [UFC I think].

So, anyway haha. This explanation is one I was giving earlier today ~ even though no one asked for it haha.


I did that on purpose.

The time is 12:10 and we are going to go eat vegan food. Options are limitado. These days, being a vegan doesn’t mean you can’t find a restaurant. But maybe at 1 in the morning it does.

So…are we going to finish our btc eth talk? Haha. I feel like I should post this before I leave though. You know how it goes being Spark Twain n’ all.

I’m not the crazy one. You are.