From Botanical To Millennial

The time is 16:15 and I am writing to you from The Vault downtown. It’s literally inside the kava bar. IF you know, you know.

It’s so tough to decide where to go and what to do! I could either go to Lunar Bass Transmissions tonight, or I could go to Beats Of The Streets. I’m probably going to go to beats of the streets. Rap is more my vibe than EDM. I think that Ant is going to come through and meet me after she’s done working, and I know that she would rather go to the EDM event haha. So! I was thinking about heading that way after Millennial, but I’m not really sure that I will want to go to both events. The only way for me to go to both events, is to take a 2 hour bus ride right in the middle of them haha. I’d rather just juice B.O.T.S. for all it’s worth.

The time is 21:37 and I am writing to you from Lunar Bass Transmissions, which is an event put on by Arcane Botanicals and hosted at Botanical Brewing Company in downtown Cape Coral. Fun Fact: Cape Coral has been the 5th fastest growing city in the United States for several years running.

Yo, wtf? Am I a writer? Or am I a mute? Because I be mute asf too often. I haven’t gotten a whole lot done since I’ve been here. I could have been writing about all the lovely artists in the building. I am such a master at communicating, but sometimes I forget to actually do it. If I left Florida today, would I have told my story properly? People will forget what you say to them, but they won’t forget how you make them feel, and so it’s important for me to make you feel something. Do you feel it? Because I feel it! I feel it too.

So, I feel like I hardly wrote enough. It’s Sam and I here at lunar bass transmissions. Sam is an interested character. You may get to know him over time. Only the stars know the real answer. Hmm. I was considering getting a tarot reading done from Luna Moonz tonight, but I didn’t end up doing that. There are so many people here in Florida that perform their art, and it is so impossible to divide my attention up into the portions it really should be divided up into. Jess is at the bar getting everyone locked into a bula. Omg. Can I tell you a secret? I haven’t been wearing any underwear all day! It feel pretty good, but it’s also a little worrisome. I mean…how is it possible that my johnson didn’t fly out today? Seems unlikely. But, well, how will we know? If you read about me on someone elses blog, you would tell me about it, right?

Steel Pan Joey is going HAM right now, but I can’t pin point the name of the song. It’s a famous song that everyone knows, but neither Any nor myself can produce the name haha! Even thought it’s a song we both know. It’s like…Mexican or something. Maybe it’s the Austin Powers Theme Song haha. I’m not sure!

OMG! AnT and I are right now going to go to Millennial Brewing and chow with Mac Munchees now. PEACE!

Spark Twain