green cup cafe fort myers

Green Cup Update and Kelsey’s Product Launch!

I am writing to you from Green Cup Café in downtown Fort Myers. Why am I here? Because the food is delicious! Also, I am meeting Sam Wilson down here to literally install some of his art into The Franklin Shops. You will be able to go in there are purchase it ~ if you wish ~ AND If you want him to sign it? ~ like with a personalized message or something ~ well, as long as you’re in Southwest Florida ~ all you have to do is message him on ig!  ~~~~~~~~ wavy baby

Mmm, but I have other exciting news for you! Green Cup is going to be evolving their menu. Next week, things will be a little different when you come in here. Hmm, and for some reason when I think Green Cup, I think Kelsey Treasures.

macrame yoga mat holder

Hmm, she’s on my mind for other reasons though. Kelsey has made me very proud! As she’s created one of the most genius products I’ve seen come out of the Southwest Florida Vendor Scene [SFVC]. I just made that acronym up haha. BUT I’M TAKING IT WITH ME! So, anyway, she not only created a genius product, but she did a really radical product launch as well. Personally, I spent months and months hanging out with Kelsey and talking her ear off about business, and so I’d like to think that I helped her manifest her genius product. You can purchase her yoga mat holders by messaging her on Instagram!

This is why I use the word “proud.” It feels like it could be little belittling, you know? But I don’t mean it that way at all! Do you think Spark Twain will ever say he is proud of what YOU did? Hard-fucking-press ~ almost everything bores me, and almost nobody impresses me.

I believe she will be cool with my saying I am “proud” of her. Of course, she made an impact upon my life as well. Kelsey, what areas of my life do you observe, and believe you played a part in manifesting? Or, I suppose it’s possible that I missed that mark on all of that. Haha. Maybe Kelsey could have helped me more, but I’m not always the best listener. Mostly we just smoked weed and talked business haha. I because friends with her bf for a little bit too, but we are two very different alpha’s. Life has blessed him early on, but no promises can be made that the latter part will be also blessed. And I’ll even tell you, that my problems with him manifested in some strange ways, but at the end of the day we are just different people, and it’s not more complicated than that. Maverick, Hogan, Waffles. I’ve known many kings in my life, and we are all so different. Yet, we are similar.

I am Spark Twain, a leader of Kings, and a lover of Queens.

I’ll see yall tonight at Beats Of The Streets, taking place at Millennial Brewing Company. It will be my first time in the building!

x. Spark Twain