7 Days A Week

I have a serious problem getting work done haha. The time is 02:38 in the morning and I am writing to you from my fathers garage. He is asleep on the couch currently, and he has been asleep on the couch all day. If you know me irl, then you know I complain about my father a lot. But! I didn’t complain about him before I moved in with him ~ at least as much. Out of sight = out of mind, you know?

Truthfully, I am also in the middle of penning the appointment of what I did, in order to purchase Telcoin. And it’s done me quite well. It just did a 5x. I only owned $95 worth, and all the sudden I had $500 worth. Can you imagine?

Like many of you ~ let’s call that us `~ I missed the Bitcoin Train. And I’m not entirely sure why? My fathers boss has been mining bitcoin for quite some time. He has almost 100 of them. But for almost 10 years, the Bitcoin price was under $1000. Some people were just stacking them up. Some people own 30,000 Bitcoin. Or perhaps we should say Bitcoins, what do you think? It’s our world, and all these rich people just live in it.

I’m kidding. In the harshest way. I’m just salty, I guess.

I don’t have a desk in my garage and it is getting quite uncomfortable in he position which I am. If yall saw how I was squatted writing this, you would be concerned.

Word though. I be getting fucked up these days. I’ve been consuming hella kratom. Honestly, I’m much happier, and I kind of even feel like I get more done. Now that I am on my way out of Florida, I think of all the things I haven’t done. Hmm. I never owned a car while I lived here. Ha. There are so many ways I look back at my life, over the past year and wonder how I could have lived it differently. What’s the truth though? The truth is that I’ve been practicing my entire life to have faith in stuff, and right now I have faith in myself. It’s  gonna be a hot fucking summer! I’ll tell you that. I think by this time next year, I’ll have made my first 100k. And I know you motherfuckers out there looking sideways at that, but I went to India before The Pandemic, and so you can never live life like me, and I don’t think you should even try.

Well. The time is now 03:18 in the morning. I think I’m going to start dying some of these shirts, so I can get a move-on with it! I’m going to ship all 300ish shirts to myself in ABQ. Should be interesting. I heard…and then I just opened up Reddit and got lost haha ~ the time is now 03:29. Rhapsody In Blue has been filling the air for quite some time now. Fourteen minutes! But now it’s almost over haha. OMG I HAVE SO MUCH I WANT TO DO. Dye these shirts ~ finish my Cryptotainment Article ~ just hella stuff, you know?

It’s 08:30 in the morning now. I fell asleep haha. I didn’t dye any shirts. But I really should! So much to do. And I’ve got to pack my bags.

x.Spark Twain