first morning in abq

First Morning in ABQ

Just took my first sip. Wow! That’s a good espresso ~ was my first impression. The sensation that follows the sip…is it on the same level as 43 Factory or Vespa? It’s hard to say. Something about the flavor that comes after the bitterness…I’m trying very hard to have confidence in that ~ haha ~ I am by no means an expert when it comes to espresso, but I’d like to think that I know more than most people. I’ve consumed espresso all across The World. Check out my favorite espresso bars on Google!

Okay whoa ~ I’m getting a little lost in the sauce haha. The time is 08:02 and I am writing to you from Humble Coffee Company in Downtown Albuquerque. I’ve been here since 07:30ish. Originally, I had written a three paragraph-long ramble, not unlike what you are currently engaged with, but then I deleted the whole thing and decided to stick to, mostly, reviewing Humble Coffee Downtown [failmode].

The Heat IS ON!

I’m a little sweaty from the espresso haha. Well, this wasn’t much of a review, was it? More of just an update for my readers, but, really, I didn’t update you on shit. I messaged my boss this morning, and now he is going to meet me here at 08:45. I’m not nervous, but I did drink this espresso and so I do have high anxiety now haha. I drank a little more kratom to try and balance it out. Omg, yeah, yesterday was so good. I was able to use my Florida Medical Marijuana card to quickly and easily get a New Mexico MMJ card, and so within 4 hours of landing in ABQ, I was smoking strong asf.

This espresso is hittin ~ boi!

Okay. That’s what I’ve got. I’m going to just publish this, and then wait for my boss. Oh, and I bought the website last night. Hoping that pays off for me.

x. Spark Twain