Expressing Espresso 1 @MTCR

Welcome to Expressing Espresso! I am going to try and write more often ~ but less lengthy, and simply let it done. So! What this is ~ I am writing this inside of WordPress ~ and what that means is if something happens to my website on the backend, like…something terrible ~!~ then this piece of writing will be gone forever! So, honestly I feel like I don’t ask for much, but today? I am asking YOU to copy and paste this piece of writing, and ALL of the ones you see that are titled Expressing Espresso, and save them each to a different document, but save them all in the same folder, and then back that folder up into the cloud haha. Because I won’t have my EE pieces backed up anywhere! I guess this is me putting a little bit…or a lot! Of trust in my fans. Of which there are, like, 3 haha. I am going to sign some t-shirts and mail them out, because I’m full of myself, but I’m going to send them to people that I think would really enjoy them. What am I on about? haha

The time is 08:27 and I am writing to you from Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters, which is in my neighborhood in ABQ. In just over an hour I have a meeting with my future boss. He asked me where I best saw myself within the empire, and although I got a bit excited at first lol, I now know where I best fit in. So…I’m going to propose this all to him in the meeting. I’m going to ask for a salary w/benefits, and I know that he won’t be able to employee me anytime soon…so I’m going to liquidate my assets and do this work without pay until July. This is what I am going to propose to him. I want to be the temporary Administrative Director, until the job is outlined and we can hire someone new, and then I want to be the Brand Director. So I will manage the website, the social media, and I will make all key decisions about branding and marketing and how our non-profit is perceived by the public. I’m going to ask for __k per year + more ~ stuff that I can’t really talk about ~ monsieur running the show has placed a lot of trust in me and disclosed to me quite a bit of information. I got information like Finnick, from all over the world! I understand what he is trying to do, and I am just so fucking excited to be here! So, uhh yeah. haha. I’m going to stop writing this, and finish my proposal. Peace!

x. Sparky