Expressing Espresso 2 @MTCR

I don’t even have time for Expressing Espresso today! But, idk..I just love writing. I’m going to do some writing for my work. You can check out our add for a Dispensing Nurse right here! If you want the job, let me know! Maybe you can crash on my couch for a week while you settle into the city. No pressure haha.

Yeah, so, when I started writing this, that job posting wasn’t live. Apparently, I forgot to click the button to finalize the changes.

So what is my plan for today? I’m going to update our Google Maps profile, get access to all tiers of our website, and work on a better internal communication structure for my place of work. I’m fucking ready! I’m going to unleash everything that I am capable of ~ not that I don’t already do that, but now I have a team of people who want the same thing! We are going to accomplish a lot together. Looking forward to everything. And, of course, I’m documenting it all!

x. Spark Twain