new job going well

New Job ~ Going Well

It makes a lot of sense to pen my writing within WordPress, but I don’t want to do that too often, just because it’s a bit more riskay ~ if you know what I mean.

I write so fucking much ~ IT’S CRAZY!

Oh, wait, before we go any further. Did Casey Bishop get booted from American Idol? I saw an instagram post that led me to believe that. Yo. I just watched her go from 2000 followers, to 119k followers haha. She’s from Florida! She’s just a girl from Florida to me, and definitely some of her friends read my blog.

I think people only read my blog because they have dirty minds and want to read about sex.

I will not disappoint you! But right now, I’m riding a totally different wave.

I’ve flown out here to New Mexico, kind of on a whim. And you know what’s happening? I’m finding myself to have a career.

A Fucking Career!

Who would have ever thought that Spark Twain would land himself a career. But I’ll tell yall ~ they call me Chris at work haha. My advice to anyone who is creating a pen name ~ choose something that you are comfortable telling people. I’m not comfortable telling people my name is Spark or Sparky. Sometimes Sparky can be fitting, but honestly, I think it mostly confuses people, and without the Twain to pair along, I think it just makes me seem weak.


I’m weak tellin you that shit haha. But seriously. So…I want to be transparent about my life, because, well, that’s wtf I do! And so I’ll tell you that I still haven’t forsure locked in the job and pay rate out here, but I think after my meeting today, I took a big step forward in securing it.

Honestly, I’m just broke asf right now. That’s my major problem haha. But, I have learned a lot about money over the past lifetime, and I know that I need to make smart plays this time. I’m going to give this employer my everything, and in return I will get the kind of compensation I have always felt I deserved. I’m glad I held out for something good. In fact, the pay is so good at this job, that I think it will naturally draw in people who milk the clock. It’s not forsure, but, it’s definitely possible.

I’m not worried that that will be me or anything. Anyone that has ever worked with me knows how I do haha. I work! And now…yo, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be a boss at this company, and in 20 years…I think I’m going to be the boss at a nationwide Non-Profit that you have all mostly heard of. I have wide and powerful connections. I have a boss that’s as crazy as I am, and I’m meeting my most powerful team members.

I’m hoping to see yall on the otherside. If I go a long time without posting…I’m sorry. I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon, but I can foresee it happening down the road, with no warning, and this is your explanation. It’s my new job. I talked to my boss about how long I can afford to live for without getting paid, so…he knows. I am going to have to liquidate some of my assets in order to pay rent next month, but that’s fine. And I think by June 1st…I’m going to get paid. I think I’m going to get a real fucking check. I think for the first time in my life, I’m going to have what I’ve only ever seen or heard about ~ a job I really enjoy! But I am also going to get hit with a wall of work.

Or, maybe not. I’m not sure. Everyone else is working hard asf, I can tell. So, right now, I’m going to publish this, and then I am going to figure out why our job-post on Indeed never went through, and then I am going to…keep reading the paperwork for the company, prepare to intercept quality control responsibilities, re-write our safety and security plan, rewrite out infection control plan, and re-write all the job descriptions for all the jobs in the building. There’s a lot. I’m also going to be managing the companies website, and their social media. In fact, I’ve put in a request to be the Brand Director. Which basically just means that our brand will always sound the same, because it will always be me that creates the voice. Isn’t that cool? But in the meantime, there is a craptonne of administration work that needs to get done, and so I am tackling that. It feels good to put my brain to use, honestley. So many jobs suck, but my next job doesn’t suck, and so I am happy to be here working! But seriously, let’s hope the markets don’t pop off in the next month, because I am about to pull all my money out. But you know what? I feel really positive about this job, and I feel strongly that by next year at this time, I am going to be on the otherside of a wealth paradigm that I have been trying to shift for years!

x. Chris Buckley