expressing espresso 3

Expressing Espresso 3

Welcome to Expressing Espresso 3 ~ what makes this series of blogposts significant, is that I write them from within WordPress. So, I have no copy saved to my computer! If you care about what I do, and want to help preserve my writing, I would appreciate it very much if you copy and paste all pieces of writing from my Expressing Espresso series, and save them to a folder on your computer, or to your cloud. It would mean the world to me. Am I doing this trust-fall thing right? lol

So! It’s a bit of a shaky day! Both for my hands, and for the crypto markets ~ am I right?!

Seriously though. I’ve been carrying my backpack too often, and with too much weight in it. I am suffering the consequences. I need to be careful with my body. It’s the only one I’ve got, and I am quite hard on it. But when my hands start to shake, its’s time to really take inventory. How can I do my best, to live my best life from here on out?

HAha! FU_K! Writing this blogpost probably isn’t me living my best life, because I need to give my hands a break.

What I’m working on, though, is something I am really excited to tell you about, because I am writing our employee handbook! I’m so excited and honored to be able to input such an important role into this project. I flew across the country for this project. I really believe in it! 

I also believe is giving my hands a break haha. So, Imma do that now. Gonna read our current, cookie-cutter handbook, and later on I’m going to go to the offices and ask my Executive Director some questions, and record the whole conversation on my Zoom H6. I’ve been recording vlog videos, but I just haven’t edited them haha. If you want to help me edit my videos, so we can get them on YouTube faster, and we both can get some publicity, just slide me a DM! @sparktwain on ig or @sparktwain42 on the birdfam. 

I’m seriously thinking to kinna move my blog over to, and signing my name Chris. Idk. I don’t tell people that I’m Spark. I’m in a new city! and I didn’t set if off proper! haha. Like, and so, I want to write some stuff that is more appropriate for a professional environment. What I do now…is wild asf haha. I want to still do my Spark Twain thang, but, I might also expand into a more professional brand. I like the site, and so maybe I will stick with it…let’s see.

x. Spark Twain