expressing espresso 4

Expressing Espresso 4 @HumbleCoffee

You whole world can come crumbling down. Live everyday to the fullest. Climb the mountain. Aquire the website. Buy the ticket, take the ride! Because at the end of everything, you shoud have had a long, strange trip. That’s what we all want, right? It’s fear that holds up back, individually, from doing the bigger things in life. And then once you do them, the bigger things seem small.

I’m out here in Albuquerque, and yall know that, but there’s so much more to it than that. I used to be stuck. Ad you know what? I almost got stuck again in 2020. This trip to New Mexico has been the most powerful manifestation I have ever achieved in my life. My boss even told me: WE manifested this. I believe him.

I can feel my hands getting shaky. I pushed myself way too hard on the walk here. I walked fast for no reason. I need to start staying at my house in the morning. And, maybe this means I need to brew my own coffee in the morning. I will perhaps start doing that again. And then once I am able to reward myself with a car, only then will I take, one again, to the morning coffee ventures. I’m not saying this is going to be the last day, but I should probably cut back. Oh my! What will come of Expressing Espresso? I might just keep calling it that, even if i start drinking coffee haha.

Hmm. These things are never much of an update, are they? I’m writing to you from Humble Coffee, not the one downtown, and the time is 08:57. The lady working has really pretty eyes, and I tipped her most money than I spent haha. Which was dumb, because I don’t have any money! haha. I never asked my boss for any specific amount, and in fact, we didn’t even really talk about how much I will get paid, but we did settle on the fact that I will get paid. Even before that conversation I wanted to give this project my all, but now I am being even more mythodical about it. This place that I am going to be working is a non-profit, and that allows for everyone to have a significant stake in the prospership of the company. I really thought I was about to make the word prospership up, but I guess it already exists haha. OKAY! My hands are not treating me well, so, I’m going totake to my work. I’m going to see if my boss with get the Adobe CC suite for our offices today. It’s $80 per month if you are a business, and that includes 10 seats. Only after all of this did I consider that I probably could have gotten paid as a consultant by _____, but…I actually would rather have employment, forreal. Pray for me! That I am able to quickly learn how to use this Abode software haha.

Also, my computer is covered in coconut oil…just thought I should mention that.

OH! And like…yo. Feel free to tip me, using the links below, especially if my “Cryptotainment” stuff is helping you live a better life. I have SO MUCH to write about that, but I’m jsut really focused on securing this job right now because, well, I want the job! haha. See you soon! Love you!

x. ST

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