Humble to MTCR – May 21st & 22nd

The time is 07:26 and I am writing to you from Humble Coffee. I just drank my espresso way to hot holy shit. I fucked my tongue up on that one. Hmm. You know, and I’m writing this one from within Word, so this isn’t really Expressing Espresso, is it? Yeah, perhaps not. Today, I am going to write a little bit, work a little bit [more writing], write a little bit, meet with my landlord, go into the office at some point, and by the end of the day I plan to have quite a hefty amount done. I’m writing a Safety & Security Plan, an Infection Control & Prevention Plan, the job description for Security, and finally I will pen the Employee Handbook in it’s entirety. Should be a fun weekend haha. And even though my favorite day of the week is Monday, it doesn’t make the other days any less pleasurable to work upon. Soon here I am going to eat some sort of crappy sugar to really round out my diet. Caffeine, THC, Kratom, and Sugar. I live like that basically everyday. I require a lot of gasoline to run this tank. Fwm.

The time is 08:27 and things are starting to heat up here at the coffee shop! I sent a couple of emails this morning, and I actually scheduled a meeting. Fuck yeah haha. Go me! I’m not very good at making decisions, but my ideas are gold ~ I know these things. My decisions, however, are getting better and my ideas are staying golden. That’s a dangerous combo. Okay ~ back to work! Haha.

It’s the next day now. I am writing this to you from MTCR. The coffee here is to die for. But don’t really die for it. Seriously. Also…this table I’m sitting at is flimsy as a bitch/wtf? Imma move.

I moved.

The time is 08:38 and it is Saturday. I didn’t go into the office yesterday. It’s not weird having a job where I don’t go into the office, but I am still developing my system for productivity. The system is there, I just need to spend more time working with my strong suits. Writing is a strong suit of mine. I probably should have taken the time to write a book over the quarantine. I can’t believe that I’ve watched Savannah Brown publish four books already! I was feeling behind when she published the first one haha. But, I am a terrifically slow man when it comes to accomplishing things. I don’t exactly want to be that way, though. Looking back on things, my ASMR blog is one of the things I have done which I am most proud of, mostly because I just did it and I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. Everyday, except March 27th, I woke up at wrote a blog post. And I always got the shit done! Always! At the end it started taking me longer and longer, but also it was dragging on in the end. So, now I work with a team, and I want to try and do something similar with this team. I haven’t told them about this yet. Right now what I am doing is working on the employee handbook. It’s going pretty well! You should see what my desktop looks like! I have like…15 windows open, and over 40 tabs. On this 13” screen! I took a video, and eventually it will end up on YouTube.

The time is 09:25. I just got sucked all the way into phone zone ~ for like, that whole time!

Hmm, and when I originally showed up here, my plan was to write about something totally different.

Have you ever heard the store about when Kameron Carter spoke at Nipsey’s celebration of life memorial service? And he said that, two days after Nipsey was killed, he had a dream where he was in paradise, and then Ermias was in the dream too. After the fact, he stated that that dream, was Ermias informing him of what heaven was like, and that it was paradise.

Nipsey Hussle and Lil Wayne have kids with the same woman, Lauren London. I saw a post about it on IG the other day, and this morning I decided to look it up.

I recently started listening to Nipsey Hussle, and I’ll tell you, he immediately rose to be one of my favorite rappers of all time. When I first listened to him, right after The Weeknd dropped his name in a song, idk…I guess I thought his voice sounded a little weak, or wimpy, and I just wasn’t vibing with it. But now? Idk. I put on The Marathon, and it was litty, and then I added the whole album to my current playlist! You should definitely check that playlist out, and as a matter of fact, check out my Spotify profile! And give me a follow. I make hella playlists, and I think they are hella good haha.

Hmm. What else? Oh! I’m going to, like, make one of those wishlists ~ I mentioned it the other day ~ so that people can support me in unique ways! Plus, you know, my birthday is coming up. Well, Chris’ birthday. As Spark Twain I celebrate my birthday on 4/20 haha, which is actually right around the time I started the website.

I’m talking to my sister about starting a publishing company rn. She is going to school for publishing, but I really don’t know that much about it. I have considered going back to school, but…I’m different like 2 Chainz upinthzbih. If I ever go back to school, it will be because I am bored. Right now I am focused on…something else. I guess if I don’t have a pulse on my goals, how will I ever accomplish them? This is accurate. Right now my goal is to finish out employee handbook, and all the jazz that goes along with it.

So…idk what I’m about to do. I might drink more coffee, even though I shouldn’t, but I might also just walk home and begin preparing for the NFT meetup.

Only time will tell!

x. Spark Twain