expressing espresso 5

Expressing Espresso 5 @MTCR

The time is 09:22 and I am writing to you from MTCR. There are two of them very close to my house, I’ve found out. I just innhilliated part of my scone. I probably shouldn’t have splured and bought the scone, but…I did! haha. A girl with suspenders and cool shoes just walked into the room. Hmm. And, you know, it’s starting to feel like I’m the only person in NM that’s not vaccinated. I am going to have to get on that. It’s been a decent amount of time…if the vaccine was going to kill everyone, I think I’d know by know. Forreal.

So! This is expressing expresso, a series of blog posts where I write directly into wordpress ~ without backing these pieces of writing up ~ and I expect you to back them up for me. Who knows! Maybe one day I’ll pull them off the uinternet and then you will be one of few people that still have access to those unique pieces of writing. MY hands are starting to get shakey. I’m not really sure what to do about that. I didnt really feel it until the girl with the shoes showed up, honestly, but I also happened to start writing at the same time, but, still, I think being nervous affects me in dverse ways. Wish I have more control over it! Idk why I get nervous about this. My mind and body disagree on a lot of things. I guess…I don’t even work to fix it haha. I work to get money, so that modern medicine can fix it! I want to become a cyborg! If you know me, you know that .I talk about it a lot haha. I am not shy about wanting to have a cybrnetic arm!

Oh, shit, I forgot I’m also wearing this ridiculous chain haha. I’ve already decided that when I can afford it, I’m going to get a grill. Like…for my fucking teeth. I’m dead serious. My shoulder is all fucked up, so I probably shouldn’t be wearing any chains…even the one I have on. But! I’m a motherfucking rapper, and a damn good one. If I want to wear a grill, imma wear a grill. I wish a motherfucker would tell me im ridiculous with that shit. nobody is gonna say shit to me, ever, and I know it. Except for beautiful women haha. Those are the only people that consistently call me on my shit. 

OMG I have so much I want to talk about, and I really haven’t even scratched the surface. I found out how I’m going to mint my first NFT’s! Well…I already minted one NFT ~ you can view it [and purchase it!] here ~ but now I am going to mint all of my blog posts as NFT’s, and then I’m going to go on a mission to sell them all, and I am going to use that money to relax, and write my first book, and then I’m going to NFT that and everyone who bought a blog post will get early access to buy the book. I’m not sure how I am going to make the blog nft’s presentable in real life, but as far as all my books go, you will be able to buy them digitally an unlimited number of times, but the physicals prints will be NFT only, and they will be very limited. 

OKAY i need to go get napkins. 

Okay, that’s done. 

So…yeah. I met this guy W and he has a friend D, and they are open to showing me how to mint NFT’s on the Cardano blockchain. You can check there project VIPER here! And you definitely should. They run a staking pool. So, You know me, and I know a team of people that actually run there own staking pool. If you invest with Viper, and you want to meet the people who run the staking pool, I’m sure I could set that meeting up for you! Seriously.

NFT Meetup Friends

I’m happy to be getting involved with a community I am truely passionate about. It’s always difficult for me to stick around with my interests, because I have so many interests! But, seriously, you can count on me to keep writing, and keep being a Social Sunbear. Sam Wilson told me that his ~ I’m going to call it Spirit Animal but I’m not sure that that’s how Sam described it ~ that his spirit animal is a Tiger. I’m not sure what myspirit animal is, but I wish I had a more clear vision of it. My life has been plagued with a lifelong inability to make decisions, and I remain shook by this phenomenon daily. For Sam, it’s easy, he aligns with the Tiger. And I can’t disagree! He is a Tiger, man. He is ferocious in going after what he wants. I want to be more ferocious in going after what I want, but…I’m just not that way lol. I mean, I get a lot of what I want, and I do it in my own way, and I think I am living a pretty blessed life.

I have gotten quite a few messages, people from my hometown telling me that they are proud of me for getting out and traveling, and so…I think those people would be surprised to find out. I want so much more! I want to be famous, haha, to be honest. That’s my overarching and long-term goal. But what have I been working for up until this point? To be known forever ~ which is not the same as fame, nessecarily. I know at this point, that I have acomplished longevity in my field. I have a plethora of writing on the internet, and I know that it will live on to be read by generations of peple, as long as my websites stay alive…and this is one of the reasons I am focusing on the money now! I want to be able to secure my place in history. I’m going to put it on the fucking blockchain. Right at the begining of blockchain’s history, they will be able to read about the Man, the Myth, the Legend ~ Spark Twain. They will probably also learn about my man Mark at the same time.

You see what I did there? Yeah, you know, Mark and I are just two guys that met while passing through San Francisco. We were passing through the city 150 years apart from eachtother, but that’s not how it felt. I’m having deja-vu right now, as if I’ve written that exact phrase in the past. Deja-vu is just your brain denoting something to memory faster than you can realize it happened. That makes me think I will, for some reason, always remember this moment. Remember to save this document if you think it is significant, because I don’t back-up my Expressing Espresso posts. I will, however, be minting them as NFT’s.

If you are interested in locking-up ownership [but not distribution rights] of a blog post, and you know which one you want, just DM me on IG, or email me: and tell me who you are, which blog post NFT you would like to lock-in, and then I highly suggest you make a bid on how much you are want to pay.

All NFT’s wil include a framed and authographed printout of the blog post, a letter of authenticity, and you will recieve one Thank You letter per order. So if you purchase 5 NFT’s you will get 5 framed and signed blog posts, 5 letters of authenticity, and 1 personalized Thank You letter. However, I am very flexible with this. If yo udecide you want to purchase 100 NFT’s and display them al lin the same frame, then I will work with you to make something beautiful and timeless. I suspect to have about 500 blog posts I will be minting. 

The time is 10:09, and I am still sat and writing to you from the same spot. I’m still eating my scone. Probably shouldn’t have ordered it haha. It was expencive, and its bad for me. Instead of getting coffee I could have done laundry. Eh. Water over the dam now. 

I’m just having a lot of fun writing right now. But, soon, I am going to have to push-off onto something else. I need to work on this handbook. I’m killin’ the game with this shit. I’m creating one of the most kick-ass employee handbooks of all time. After I am finished with it, I am going to being working on a whitepaper project. That’s something I am uber excited for! 

What is my move? I guess I am probably going to go home and work on that stuff. Ha. I had a crazy battle with some roaches last night. Apparently they like to sneek in when it rains. But, I also keep the door open all the time. I have no windows, so, it’s door or bust! 

Holy cow! I just finished my espresso! Now that’s what I call making it last! but I didn’t even do it on purpose, it’s just because I Was eating the scone. Hmm, so, anyway. You know what I spend most of my time thinking about? Women. ha. But really I want to be focusing on work! Maximum Effort! 

x. Spark Twain