Memorial Day Ramble

Remember that part at the end of Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back where they fly around and kick everyone ass that left them a shitty comment? Hahaha. Oh boy! That’s a good ending to that movie. Perhaps the perfect movie.

Kevin Smith is a genius, forreal. He is a legend! I spend a lot of time thinking about individuals I consider legendary; individuals we all consider legendary. That’s what I’m doing, ya know, is I’m building my legendary status. This is, really, the best time in history to get famous. In the future I believe that fame, and power especially, will be localized. Eventually Cincinnati will have more power than DC, and this will be due to the hometown heroes staying there. Teachers are the real heroes, followed by Firefighters and Baristas.

That sentence is gonna get some peoples panties in a bunch, but that’s the daily life of being Spark Twain! That being said…I’m growing up, yall. I’ve been thinking for at least 3 months about switching my brand away from Spark Twain. I think the reasons are obvious. My skillset allows me to work with significant businesses! But my branding holds me short. Unless I’m gonna go balls-to-the-wall all the sudden out of nowhere…I need to consider adopting something that is more becoming of being a 30 year old man [I’ll be 29 this year]. Ohhh don’t you worry ~ I’m still going to publishing to this website, and continuing to use the Spark Twain name. Hell, I started Spark Twain LLC! Literally was my first business haha [and don’t be surprised to see it showing up on Google Maps soon, swfl]. And Spark Twain LLC is a lonely business in Florida that doesn’t make any money, and just acts as a legal barrier between me, and the people/entities that may want to sue me. What I’m most interested in, honestly, is erotic literature. Several people have expressed interest in reading my erotic literature, and so…I’m going to move forward with that in some sort of way. Two days ago I was gung-ho about protecting my content behind a paywall…I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. I might still do that, but I might not.

In truth, I should be working on this other thing I’m working on! I’m applying for another job ~ something that can potentially be done remotely, although it’s a SF based company and so you know ~ God willing I get hired ~ I’ll be in SF as often as I can afford haha. I love San Francisco like I love lookin in the mirror lol.

So I bought several new websites this week, and I am going to brand in a new way! You know I’m not as prompt at making decisions as I want to be, and so I pulled the trigger on a lot of things, and then viola’ something else popped onto my plate! Ow I’m using one of my new websites to create, essentially, a job application. The team I want to work with might even read this. I would mention who it is…but I don’t want to spoil anything. Idk, I could tell you, but I really want to make this work for me and so, I don’t want to get my own hopes up. I’ve created a whole blog post that is a letter of employment application and that will be on this other website forever. It happens to be perfect timing. I was planning to ignite a second brand, and bought some of the materials necessary to procced, and then all the sudden my compass was pulled in a specific direction, and now I know where I’m going again. If you pray, then pray for me on this one, because I want this job, however, even if I don’t get it, I will be forever proud of the way I began my new brand. I’m excited to tell yall about it. If you want to get all the inside details you have to follow me on Instagram. I’ll probably privatize my personal Instagram, moving forward, because I already created a new page for my brand. This is it. Everything up until this point has just been practice, and it was some damn good practice.

I strongly believe that the writing I have created so far will go on to be read for hundreds of years, and perhaps hundreds of generations. Only 50% of what I have written [since 2017] is available to read, the rest is in my personal cloud. Of course, I did writing before 2017, but some a lot of it was done in highschool and saved to the servers at my highschool and although I wanted to save it, I really didn’t keep track of it. I used to write stories when I was 14, 15, 16 years old, but from October of 2012 until May of 2017, I really didn’t write anything. Ha ~ but you know what I did do? Record hundreds of freestyle rap videos, all of which I saved to my grandpas computer, but now of course, are gone. Ugh. It really breaks my heart thinking about that…I guess I don’t think about it too much. In my life I’ve recorded thousands of songs, in two different batches, and both times I lost the whole collection. Ugh. Very frustrating. BUT! What I really hope to accomplish, is to have kids and then make sure I help them stay organized in a way that I was never able to maintain. I mean, seriously, thinking about it, it’s like…I wish I had kept track of all my music, and the writing I did in h/s. Why didn’t I? Because I was drunk as a skunk! I tried to care, but I was too disorganized to care for my own estate, really, and then when I got really deep into it my alcoholism I blatantly didn’t care. Whoa. I’m really going in on it today. I love writing, and perhaps it’s what I do most efficiently.

There is a very strong chance I am going to hide behind a paywall. I might charge $100 per year or $20 per month, as two different options. However, that being said, doing such a thing might be a conflicting interest with the job I am applying for. I found the job because I went to the company’s website with the intention of finding a new way to get paid for my writing, and what I found instead, was that they are hiring for a unique position, and I happen to be in the right person at the right time looking at the right website.

I need a fingernail clipper. I had one when I first arrived here, I swear, but I seem to have lost track of it. This is on my list of things to do. One of my nails is getting a little crazy lol. Hmm. Alright. I’m not going to post this right away…although I should. Maybe I just will, post this right away. But then directly afterwards I’m going to finish building my new website and then post my first blog post to it and then fill out the actual application for the job and then write a proposal for my current employer, who isn’t even my employer yet, and so I think it’s a perfect time to come to them with exactly what I want.

x. Spark Twain