First Morning In Privacy! @Ihatov

Welcome to a brand new blog! Not really ~ but thing feel different, and you always remember how you feel, nah’mean? I was just listening to that song on the way over here too haha. Just, I think I’m only halfway through it.

The time is 07:32 and I am writing to you from Ihatov Bread & Coffee. This place is hecka good + there is this really pretty girl that works here. She is tall.

Now that my blog is private, I’m supposed to be less worried about what I write. Instead, I think I might be more worried. Haha/because, as my friend told me, it’s only going to be my crazy ex gf’s and a couple other people who signup for that. Wouldn’t it be a fucking thing if my crazy exgf paid $100 per year to read my fucking blog. That’s basically what I am trying to avoid haha.

There is an over arching plan here. I’m going…okay! I just literally dropped everything I was doing and I filmed a couple of shots for the Tube! Hmm. Think that is forsale? It’s a catchy name. Let’s find out!

It is not! is available, but somebody already bought it and is selling it at a premium. is available, but…who would want that? I just bought my first .org website the other day ,and I’m already not too sute how I feel about it. I don’t run a non-profit, you know? And I almost worked for one! But now I don’t think that is going to go down.

Omg! I’m sitting here wondering why there are no people here, and it’s because they don’t open until 08:00 haha. And I showed up at like 07:25. But they served me anyway. I’m going to leave them a kick-ass review because of that haha. Forreal. Both on Google Maps and on my new blog In fact, I think I am going to wrap this post up, and move onto writing something for over there, and then get back into writing my business plan, and then tonight I am going downtown to sell kava and kr8m. Wish me luck!

x. Spark Twain