The Final Hours of 28

You looked cute today, and apparently I guessed your age correctly. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous about going in there. I thought about going to the other club instead. You were super nice to me tho. I’m into that.

I can’t stop thinking about it! Haha. I have other things to do though. Not really…maybe. I need to record some music.

Fuck yeah! I won 1/10th of an Ethereum freestyle rapping last night! In the words of Fishbrain I killed that shit dead. Ahhh! I feel like a monster when I rap, because honestly, I do kill that shit dead. I appreciate individuals who notice that. I’M JUST SO PUMPED. @cipher_eth wants to be the number one marketplace for hip-hop NFT’s, and I’m about to be the best rapper on the platform. No offence to anyone else. I think everyone should feel that they are the greatest. Didn’t we all learn that shit from Dwayne?

Seriously. If becomes the number one spot for hiphop nft’s, it’s likely that I will sell some just by having content on the platform, right? It seems likely to me. I’m writing all this, but I’m still thinking about that girl. I’m pressing my body against my dresser, which I use as a standing desk, and I am pretending it’s her.

After yesterday, I’m feeling pretty hyped. Maybe I should have asked you on a date. I thought about it after I left. I’m classy like that. Except…that’s probably never going to happen. Eventually I will ask you if you want to hangout, or something. You could always ask me too, but I’m not sure it would earn you any brownie points at the office. Hmm. Actually, today, if I had still had my phone number written down and in my pocket, perhaps I would have given it to you ~ had I remembered. You’re making me feel very comfortable, and I can’t place my finger on exactly why or how that is, but I want more of it haha. I’m obviously not trippin about it either. You might not be reading this, but you are definitely going out of your way to talk to me, and I promise, I am trying to return the favor haha. I swear, I could just sit right there on the ground and let all the people pass around me for a long, long time just watching you scale up weed. You are a piece of art, handcrafted by the almighty universe to look as good as the Milky Way from atop the Colorado Rockies. But for as good as the universe looks, it’s nothing compared to the experience, and I’m sure it’s the same way with you.

The time is 07:57, and I’m like…out of commission. I’m not tired, but I’m definitely not in the mood to do anything much. I’m just gonna lay down, and perhaps I will fall asleep. We shall see.

It’s about 45 minutes later, and I never laid down, or fell asleep haha. What I did was ~ I had a poop, and then danced around naked for a bit while listening to Cardi B.

Now though…I think I really am going to lay down. I’m not tired…but I do feel some typah way.

I wanted to post this before I go to bed.

Oh dang! And then when I went to title the article, I remember it’s my birthday tomorrow! Woo!

28 was good, but 29 will be better still.

x. Spark Twain