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The time is 12:02 and I am writing to you from Humble Coffee in downtown Albuquerque, and currently, while I am writing this, I am uploading a video to YouTube titled Most Exclusive Rigs in America || GLASSHEADS GALLERY ~ ROUTE 66.

Honestly I’m hoping it does pretty well. OMG IT SAYS IT’s GOING TO TAKE TWO HOURS TO UPLOAD! I’m going to have to get faster internet at my apartment. I rather like my apartment. I’ve been thinking a lot about turning it into a kava bar. I never went through with the authentication of my Witchcraft Kava Google Business profile, because there was a dude from the city planning department sitting out side of my house the morning that the letter arrived, and it made me a little paranoid that they were watching me and were going to just shit me down as soon as I opened up the business ~ officially. You know. Because I can’t really sell kava out of my apartment. That’s probably not okay. Even in Albuquerque!

My espresso is quite good. I haven’t gone for the espresso in a while, but I have already consumed a small coffee from MTCR today, and so I decided to go upon a different path.

The girl who made my espresso is rather pretty, and we ended up talking for a little bit. She asked me what I was filming, and I told her it was a video for YT. She didn’t seem unhappy. I didn’t tell her that she is in the video, but I think she already knows it. I’m a little shy. I go about my business is a rigid manner, and anything outside of that is seldom done. I’m working, always, to diversify though. Of course.

Hmm. Well, I suppose this is just a quick one! What I’m going to do now is…ugh, and I hate to say that I’m giving up on the Carnegie Arrow, as I call it, which is when you control every aspect of your business from front to back. I’m giving up the arrow! And I’m going to republish all my ASMR.Community articles through I met this girl yesterday ~ we’re officially friends haha ~ and she told me about how she gets paid being a part owner of Culture Slate, and she highly recommended I give Vocal a try. She said she didn’t really deal with the financing too much, mostly with the creative direction, but I still believe that she knows what she is talking about. I read a little about Vocal, and it doesn’t seem like I will be giving up the rights to my blog posts or anything. Idk. Now I’m thinking about it again haha. If I make a move right now, to get paid while I am still young, but then in 10 years or something am I going to be looking back and cursing myself for taking a shortcut? Is Vocal a shortcut, or a cheatcode? I’m not sure what to say. Most people produce content that is passthrough ~ you read it, and then you forget it because you can easily look it up again.

My writing is timeless! I care less about the money and more about the perpetual readership, but I have to make both work for me. I do not create scratch of the modern day, but instead scribe upon the stone of cybernetic history. Steam of consciousness writing is going to be slammin in the future! Everybody and their mama is going to have a SOC blog. And at first everyone with think it stands for Socrates, because SOC is philosophical in nature, at least, if you believe it to be, and so yeah, people will think it is short for Socrates Blog, or something, but it will really mean Stream Of Consciousness. They will say is like sock blog.

Yo, what’s the link to your SOC?

You gotta SOC Blog?


What is your Facebook wall, if not your current SOC?

Mine is not Facebook haha. I’m too ahead of my time for that shit. Yall know where to find me @!

x. Spark Twain