June 22nd HBD2M

Happy Birthday to me! Woohoo! It’s a damn good day ~ I can’t even lie. I wonder what I did last year? Do you think I published a blog post on my birthday? It’s likely. I wonder how many years I’ve been doing that. You know, I should have long ago started publishing something everyday. I could be on my way to being the world record holder for longest consecutive blog posts! Actually, there is probably someone who started in like 2005 doing that shit and is way, wayyy ahead of me.

Yo! I’ve posted hella ig story videos this morning, and on my way here I recorded one where I was spinning around in a circle, listening to Kevspeakstruth. AND THEN BAM! Tio in the background. I tagged @foosgonewild but I have little faith they will repost me. That would be litty though! It’s actually a really funny video, I thought. I spin around, and you can see this roof in the background, and then on my second time around there is a dude watching me dance from the roof haha.

Wow! I can’t believe how low the crypto market is! I really do think that this shall pass too. Damn! And the day after I win 1/10th of an Ethereum haha.

This is okay though. My whole life…it’s changing. Things perhaps are darkest before the dawn. Have you ever heard the album Blue by Joni Mitchell? Omg it’s a fucking banger, you’re gonna wanna listen. But that’s not the point. The point is that I share my birthday with this album! And it’s had me thinking, because it’s not the for Blue I’ve had an affinity for.

Picasso had a Blue Period, and I’ve always been quite attracted to his work during this time. The Old Guitarist is one of my favorite pieces of art, period.

The time is 08:27, and I have the day off. I can’t even lie; it did feel pretty good to go to work yesterday. After I left I considered how much money I had made for how much time I had spent, and I literally laughed out loud. I’m really grateful that I live in a country where, for someone with my education level, work is never far away. Work is never far away for anyone in this country, I’d like to think, but obviously there are a lot of factors that come into play. Once your friend tells you that he has an easier time getting jobs in the winter because he’s not as tan, you start to really think about that shit.

After I left work yesterday I stopped at this thrift store that I have been eying up for over a month. I’ve been eying them up because I’ve been wanting to pitch my services to them. I went in and talked to them, and I can’t even lie, I think they are going to hire me. I mean, I understand the business exceptionally well thanks to people like Kevin from @insightfulfinds, and Joe from @shoppinwithjoe. This thrift store didn’t have, like, any of the stuff that the young people want. So, after I was pitching them on my Google Maps services for a while, I realized that where they really needed help was in acquisition. So…I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. I might see if they will let me setup outside their spot and sell Kava. I’m like…yo ~ that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to open a kava bar, there is no doubt in my head about that. What I can’t understand, however, is the best path to achieving my goals. And…what are my goals. I definitely want to…omg, I just want to keep loving life. My grandfather would always talk about how he was a jack of all trades, but a master of none. That was something I always wanted to avoid, because he taught me that people who master a specific craft can get paid more, but also, I could just tell that he wasn’t entirely happy with the fact that he hadn’t mastered a craft, and perhaps become wellknown in a small niche ~ he is pretty good with woodworking, but he isn’t going to be leaving behind a legacy of crafted goods, that’s forsure. My grandpa is getting old. I used to think he was old; I’ve always thought he was old. But now? Now I know that he is old. I spend a lot of time talking on the phone with him. And you know, sometimes I get sad, and I feel like I need to talk to him, you know?

Is it weird that nobody in my family ever calls me? I used to call my grandpa everyday, for a while, over the pandemic, and then I stopped, and after not talking to him for like 2 weeks, it occurred to me that he would probably never call haha. My grandpa is more likely to call than anyone else, but it does have me thinking…why doesn’t anyone call me? I’ve definitely written about this before. When I was a kid, I always used to be the one that would go over and knock on my friends door. Nobody, really, ever came and knocked on mine. I don’t know why this is, but it sucks. That being said, maybe I am an asshole when people call me haha. I always think of myself as busy, and so random calls are not always welcomed. But at the same time, maybe they would be, but I just don’t know because they don’t happen, like, ever.

The time is 08:56. I’m spending a lot of time in phonezone these days. Not sure I’m happy with it!

What I need to do…is focus on the things that can bring me an income. So…I need to edit some more of my Route 66 YT videos. I need to record some hiphop for the Cipher Media lauch! And…what else? I’m thinking maybe I should focus hardcore on my music. Should I go out and do some concerts? Should I invest in my own PA system? Yo, after hanging out with Zac for all that time, I really learned a thing or two about the music industry. It was fun proving my worth to Zac. That man is a serious musician, and we made some insane music together! I’ve got a lot of things recorded haha. I wish I would have recorded more, but, you know how it goes. I was lugging the equipment around…it was heavy…I’m injured haha.

Hmm. I’m thinking about going home? I’m not totally sure that that is required. How can I proceed forward, today, towards my dreams? I know it’s my birthday and all that, but, I ain’t gon sleep on myself just because it’s a beautiful Tuesday. I’m going UP ON THIS MF TUESDAY! ESKEEEEEEEEEET!

x. Spark Twain