The Definition Of ‘True Love’

How do I get more people to read my writing? You know, honestly, I feel rather behind sometimes. I’m thinking about making a new Reddit acct so that I can publish daily on Reddit and tell people about my blog. Maybe I should have been doing that for years. I’m not worried if people go back and read the old writing, I guess. I know that some people will. But how can I reach more people? Think there are definitely people interested in reading my writing, but I’m just not sure how to reach them. Of course, I think YouTube is a good option, and I uploaded a SOC video the other day. Well, it was a video on the subject of SoC and it was also kind of me in a flowstate haha.

I’m becoming conscious. I can feel it. Last year I had it all, and what I should have done is filmed videos and then hired a video editor to help me so I could keep up with everything. Now what should I do? I’m going to get a measly ass paycheck from my work haha, which is no fault of my works! Something detrimental is happening to the system of checks-and-balances in the United States. The People in Control have manipulated things so that the wealth in the United States is so unevenly spread and lopsided, when it really doesn’t have to be, and be natural occurrences wouldn’t be so lopsided ~ they’ve fucked it up so bad that it can’t be stopped. People will literally die before they give up their money, and that’s just the problem. It’s not that there’s not money to be had in America, it’s just that a small group of people hog inconceivable amounts of that money inside of their otherwise insignificant bank accounts. There’s a hot-range where money can help build life structure and guide peoples happiness. But when you get to the pitiful bottom or the vengeful top, the money is arbitrary. The rich people say that the poor people aren’t working hard enough, and the poor people say that the rich people aren’t playing fair. Both sides of the argument have merit, but let’s get real about the fact that those with the wealth have the power to change things. The United States government should give all of it’s citizens $1 everyday. And individuals that don’t want their daily dollar can give it to someone else. It can always be reversed upon the originators end. So, if you give your daily dollar to a homeless dude named Geoff for 3 years and then wake up one day and suddenly decide you want you daily back, you just push a button in the app. And this would give all Americans the opportunity, 1-3 times per year, to try starting some sort of business or small project. $1 per day is nothing, but if all American’s got that starting the day they turned 18. I mean, at the very least, someone who lives for…365.25 days per year, and they live to be 88, that 60 years of $1 per day, which is 365.25*60= to bad you Word doesn’t have formulas. I’m sure it does, actually, I just haven’t used them. I’m really working to try to take the phrase I don’t know how to do that out of my vocabulary, and replace it with I have to delegate that to someone who’s better at it than I, or something like that. The answer is…21,000 dollars. That’s nothing! That’s literally nothing! What if, once you turned 18 and started getting your daily dollar, it never stopped ~ even after tour death. An everyone knew that they have to gift their dollar in their will, otherwise it will go into a fund to help solve the homeless crisis in America. Hmm. Am I on to something, or am I losing my shit? And I’m not sure why any of this matter haha. I’m just like…Ugh! A cacophony of emotions! Like I’ve told you recently, I just started working a new job for the first time in several years, and now I’m like…how tf was I not able to start and maintain a successful business? Haha. Obviously I wasn’t working with my strong suits. And I still have much to learn, but I think I am now…well, I’m thinking like, yo ~ lets say I have perfect credit right now and could get approved for a $250,000 business loan. Would I find success? I’m wondering how it is I failed…and damn if I don’t feel like I failed haha. I’m very proud of the content I’ve made, but my problem is not with talent or content creation…my problem lies something else. And I know that once I get figured out tweaking what I need to tweak, my brand is going to accelerate like November fires in Northern California #thedroughtisreal.

What am I on about? I’m uploading a video to youtube as I sit here writing this to you, and I have to work later today. I am happier to be working at night, I think, even though, now that I am thinking about it, I’m not sure…I was awarded $200 for being a kickass rapper this past weekend. And what if I could win again? But I have to work on Sunday, so I can’t show up for the cipher! AHHH! Hahahaha. I just want to overcome this tipping point so that I am generating my own income, but I literally suck. I’m not kidding, but also don’t take that too seriously. I try not to bag on myself. BUT YO! I look at my guy Victor, the owner of Injoy, and it’s like…he’s sold over $2000 worth of shirts in the last 3 months…and I haven’t even sold like $200 worth of shirts I the last year! And I’m not sure why. Okay, okay ~ so I think a large part of it has to do with me not having a car. In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot about that. I’m a sober dude, right? And I want to help other people ~ that’s what I was trying to do with ASMR.Community. But then after traveling around and meeting a lot of people that, honestly, need some help, I’ve realized that I have to think smaller. Once I make it out this rut, on God, I’m going to start some sort of programme that helps people get their license back. The highest-level we could offer, perhaps, would be loaning them money to pay off fines and stuff. The lowest-level we might offer is, simply, reminder phone calls and text messages, and just some general encouragement about how to proceed. Not having a license has literally stunted my growth, and the worst part is that I could have fixed this situation last year, but I didn’t think that getting my license back was the best investment of my money. I was wrong! I should have 100% gotten my license back! I could have been roved to the numerous events in SWFL. Even if I didn’t sell more t-shirts, I definitely would have gotten laid more.

Anyway. So…and now I’ve got this new job, and I’ve been writing everyday and publish YouTube videos, and I’m not seeing an insane amount of traction or anything, but, I feel it coming. Or something. Oh! And this started because I was talking about using reddit to amplify my voice. I should still do that. I need to create content that people want to share. That’s…that’s my biggest downfall. People love reading Spark Twain, but nobody brags about it to their friends haha.

Things I need to do:

Fix my ASMR Website so that the videos can be viewed again.
Finish editing my YT descriptions so that they encourage people to get involved with ST.
Demonstrate consistency. I’m going to keep publishing writing everyday, but I need more, still.

What am I looking for? I know that I have found success with product reviews, and so I want to send some emails out about that and perhaps review more products. Especially cannabis related products. But, you see, the thing is ~ content creators are in no short supply these days. GOOD ONES ARE, but I haven’t proven myself as good yet. I mean, for Chris sake, I wash dishes again! If I can even bring in enough money to pay the rent, how am I supposed to help your business grow? But you see…I’m different, like 2 Chainz. Because I have this blog. So, even thought I’m bitching and moaning about the struggle…I promise you guys, that I am just doing what makes me happy. I don’t know why I write these words, and so perhaps you don’t know why you read these words either. But we are both compelled to continue, and that is true love.

Yo the wifi here at MTCR keeps failing me. I wasn’t able to upload the video, and in fact I’m quite upset about it. I want everyday to be good, right? But sometimes I don’t know how to prevent getting frustrated, and that in-and-of itself can be frustrating haha. So, anyway. Yeah. I wanted to link my reddit page, but then I got stuck debating if I should create a new reddit page, and I decided I did, but then I was like well maybe I should use my new CyberTwain handle, and so then…I went about bougth and now that forwards to my twitter, and I guess I’ll probably change it later so that that website is strictly my links page. Idk. AND I NEVER FINISHED THE REDDIT STUFF! haha. My goal is to actually GET THE WORD OUT so I am having 10k+ page views per month and I can start to generate some revenue and supersize doing what I love! But instead of doing the real hardwork ~ again ~ I just wrote about it haha. Now…I think I’m going to go home, probably poop, and then…and then I should really do the reddit thing! Who knows what I  will do. I would love your help. Don’t hesitate to share your favorite Spark Twain article on reddit haha. There’s really no such thing as bad publicity. 

x. Spark Twain