How Am I Not Asleep

How am I going to go about opening my kava bar? That is the real question. After everything, and having come this far, it’s actually kind of an easy decision. I’m definitely going to open a kava bar, and almost nothing can stop me. Right now, the thing that is stopping me is access to capital. Actually, it’s less than that. I know that capital is out there. But I also know that I need to be ready when I make my approach. I have a lot of what I need. The other day I was talking to my friend ~ he’s actually a pretty important guy, as it turns out ~ and he told me that my Tinder article [do you remember the one? I removed it permanently from existence] was awfully close to doxing. Now, before I had read that, I had already taken the article down because I had deemed it to be in bad taste, but I had also never heard of doxing up until then. Or, at least, it hadn’t stuck in my mind until now. So it’s like…what made me do that in the first place? It’s not a huge problem. I had considered the Tinder article. Doing things like that can really cause problems. But, at my stage, is there any such thing as bad publicity? Not trying to get sued or go to jail, but I’m pretty sure I’m damned far from either of those things with everything that I do.

It was apparent that I should have a seat, to me, all of the sudden, but I had to clear the desk off first and now I’ve sat down but I lost my train of thought.

Probably what I should do is go buy pants. As much as I want to sit here and plug around on the computer, or maybe create my update to the backpack review video…I desperately need to get that done…but perhaps moreso, is the fact that I should go to Walmart.

I’ve also been thinking about ~ can you believe it ~ creating ASMR. Again. Haha. I mean, I have a lot of relevant content I could drive people to. Actually, just driving people to any of my content I think would be good. I’d like to make consistent ASMR videos. Maybe I should livestream me sleeping. Is that weird? Haha. Idk. A lot could go wrong with that. I guess it wouldn’t matter if nobody watched, but I really don’t have the equipment. My phone overheats as it is.

Somehow I’d like to drive my traffic to my YouTube channel. I’m not sure how. I suck at building a fanbase haha. I’m good at being myself! But what I need to do is publish myself on different places in reddit. Maybe I should get to doing that…instead of allllll the other things I need to do! Haha. Classic Sparky.

The time is now 00:42 in the morning and I am writing to you from my house. I ate 4 almonds when I got home from work, and I’m not sure why I didn’t prepare to have more food, but oh well. I worked a full shift today for the first time in a long, long time. It’s kind of refreshing. This is definitely going to be my last look at it. Well, from this side of the fence.

Yo! I can’t believe I’m not asleep yet. Worked tonight, work in the morning. Fucked around in the metaverse. I’m planning to wake up at 5am and go get coffee still. And…and I’m going to open a kava bar out of my apartment. I’ve already set things in motion haha. Pray for me!

x. Sparky Twain