Then I Walked To Ihatov

Well, I guess I just can’t stop writing. So, pretty much immediately after I published that last post, I packed up my stuff and decided to walk to Ihatov bread and coffee. Why? Well…because I like bread haha. And I LOVE coffee, but not as much as I’ve come to love kr8. I’m still trying to come up with a viable name for that. Not what it is actually called, and definitely not elixir.

So. Anyway. I just thought it was funny. This restaurant is in a terrible place, being that the sun is always shining directly in here. It’s pretty insane. But ~ we love the sun.

The sun is so intense! I’m going to take a pic haha. AND THEN I’m GOING TO POST THIS AND WORK ON MY KAVA BAR.

x. Spark Twain