Why Did 100 People Come To This Website Yesterday

The time is 07:26 and I am writing to you from MTCR in Nob Hill. I rather like this neighborhood, but honestly, I still wish I had to walk uphill to get here haha. Omg! Someday soon I’m going to be walking around without a backpack, and it’s just going to be so litty. Right now…I still carry it.

A lot of things are happening. Well, maybe I just like to think that haha. You know what though? I’m going to go order something to drink. Maybe I’ll get an espresso, for ole times sake! Whatcha think? Hmm. OR the coffee and scone combo? I really might want a scone. Lets just see what they’ve got in stock.

No scones! So I got the dbl espresso. I was considering snagging one of my free coffee’s, but everyone else was waiting for a drink, so I decided to keep in the spirit of things and get a dbl espresso. Except, I’m not waiting out in the lobby like everyone else. I wish the girl with the blond hair and green t-shirt would come in here and wait with me.

Yesterday I messaged my friend Brett. He said he taking up boxing these days. Damn, I wish I could take up boxing. My should though, it doesn’t allow for such shenanigans. Even after yesterday, my third day at a very easy job, I am forced to think about how I really want the rest of my life to look like.

She just left.

And I interrupted my train of thought.

My hand hurts, is what I was saying. My hand hurts after yesterday, and it’s got me thinking like…yo…what am I doing? I need to be more aggressive in securing the things that I want, otherwise I get the hurt hand. I’d at least rather have the hurt hand from doing something that I love, and it sometimes does hurt from writing.

Over 100 people came to my website yesterday! And, like usual, I’m not sure why.

Also, I think I wrote about it last night, I have decided I’m going to turn my apartment into a kava bar. I’m not…entirely sure how I’m going to do this yet, and I know I need a lot of stuff still, but…if there’s a will there’s a way! I think I’m going to be working the day-shirt at work more than the night shift, which I think I will come to enjoy.

There’s these two people that I work with, and they invited my to a potluck-freestyle, so it’s like…I’mma come thru and kill that microphone dead. I’m officially about to start rockin’ the microphone in a second state.

Who I am when I am 79 is the same person I am not ~ at least, relative to the importance of a past life! I honestly believe that. Sometimes I wonder if I feed off my future vibes, because I’m just so damn hyped! I’m going to develop a masterful stage presence. Mostly, I just have to be bold. Which is being myself, but not getting shy and freezing up.

Or, maybe I really want talk an interest in that. I’m taking it day by day. Right now, I see making hip-hop and selling hip-hop nft’s as a fast way to stack money and open my kava bar. I’m very open about that, so, I’m obviously not worried about people taking the idea from me. One of my idols, Crazy Johnny as I call him, just died. Hung dead in Spain. He has long been one of my idols. Built himself a reputation and a fortune, and then proceeded to live life in whatever fashion he pleased. I’m kind of…did it in the opposite order haha. I think a lot of people go and live life to the limit and then then end up getting a career at 35, or as late as 45, and then working for 20 years. Think about that. There are some people who get a job at McDonalds at 18, work there until 38, retire with a pension, and then get another job. I met an Uber driver once and that was his deal. I met him in Vegas. He owned, and presumably still does own a painting business.

Destiny’s Child fills the air here at MTCR. The time is 07:52.

I brought all the stuff with me that is required so that I can do directly to work from here. I kind of already feel like leaving haha. Idk. I’m not content, and this is a problem. I’m wondering if I will be able to handle running a lemonade stand out of my apartment. I mean, as far as driving trust in the business relationship, I think I will be able to do that. I can assemble a pretty solid website ~ in fact, I already have.

Hmm, one of the things I’ve considered is that people were driven to my website yesterday when a popular figure included one of the hyperlinks that drive to my website. Oh! And for this reason, I changed the homepage up again. Let me know what you think…you can actually signup for an acct on this blog so you can leave comments and stuff.

9 TO 5 BY DOLLY PARTON JUST STARTED FILLING THE AIR. I love this song haha. Have you ever seen the Orville episode with it? I know they use it in Deadpool, but they used it in Orville first.

Anyway. I guess I don’t really need to be writing much today. I should be…working on my YouTube channel, I think. And maybeeeee trying to integrate a planner app, now that I can see my schedule clearly filling up. So…so Im going to publish this and move onto the next thing. Good Morning and Godspeed to yall today.

x. Spark Twain