Good Morning People Of Earth

The time is 06:40 and I am writing to you from Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters. This is the second week in a row I’ve shown up here before they open haha. At least I didn’t show up directly at 06:00 or something, but, still. Yo, forreal, I lived here for like a month and a half before I realized that they don’t open until 07:00 on the weekends. Which means I just…didn’t show up in the morning that whole time. Seems hard to believe. But, obviously it is what happened haha. The second week in a row!

So…and this isn’t even what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve decided not to setup a kava bar in my house haha. That’s just…doing to much. I’m just going to headquarter it there instead, and drop the headquarters on the map. This way people can look it up on Google Maps, find it, and then perhaps I can just update the Google Maps profile to redirect people to the upcoming event[s]. I guess I’m going to buy all the stuff. I’ve decided I’m going to buy restaurant grade from the beginning, instead of just getting some utensils from Walmart or something. Yoooo I am hungry asf this morning, and that is because I ate a shitload last night. I bought some chicken and it wasn’t very good. I still have most of it. And then I ate like ½ pound of cashews and a grip of these little fruit squares. Those are too good. Dangerously good. I wonder who actually makes them at La Montanita and if they eat them. That’s what really matters. Do they consume their own product? Yes? Probably litty en.

OHKAY! The coffee shop is about to forreal open. I’m going too…I wish I had some graph paper. I’m going to create a list of stuff to buy, and create a social media presence for my kava bar, then email this headshop near my house about setting up a “kava night” there, because they already have space and couches and stuff, and then when they night comes…probably next Saturday. I’m going to wheel all my bar supplies over there in one of those huge wagons you see at the beach, and I’m going to setup shop. I’m expecting to spend $250 on supplies, and then to make $250 everytime I go out. But next week is First Friday again, so, I’ll be able to go out two days in a row and hopefully make my money back right away. Hmm. Somewhere in there I have to go to work.

Yup. That’s the plan! Puttin it all out there!

x. Spark Twain