*Listens To NLE Choppa One Time and Thinks He’s Enlightened*

The time is 06:58 and I am writing to you from MTCR. It was almost a week ago that I met Amber here! Isn’t that crazy? Time moves so slow. Haha. Or fast. It depends upon my mood.

So, yesterday was a major day for me. I dropped several Hip-Hop NFT’s. The first hip-hop nft’s? I’m not really sure. Somehow we have to bring people to the platform. Exposure probably has some sort of tipping point, and eventually the app will hit that tipping point. It’s like…so many people are on Rarible, yo. I can imagine if hundreds of thousands of people used the Cipher Media App to create music, and then millions of people came there to purchase music and support their favorite artists. Why NFT’s over streaming? Check this out.

So, I happen to know the guys running the Viper Staking ADA Pool, and I’ve learned that they have the ability to create hundreds of thousands of nft’s at the same time, for a cheap price. This is a game changer. So, right now these NFT’s are selling for $150-$15,000 per track, but in the future, studios and entertainment companies will mint millions of NFT tracks at once, sell them through a digital medium for a reasonable price [they cost virtually nothing to create], and consumers will receive the music directly to their wallet, where they own it in a way more literal sense than streaming. It allows for support to an artist directly, and it will pair well with streaming. Email lists are the thing of today, but ETH and ADA wallets are the thing of tomorrow. You can contact me at sparktwain.eth, no doubt.

Right now I’m thinking about Café LA Rue in Seattle Washington. IT’s owned by my exgf and the dude she started dating after me. He’s probably cool, idk him. He’s not as tall as me, and he’s not a legend, as far as I know, but he is a business owner and together, him and his wife take home a real profit and make a real contribution to society. For this reason, I look up to their dynamic duo. How can I, ST, have hard feelings about that relationship? I absolutely don’t. That was a life changing time for me. I dated her for like 2.2 years, but we only lived in Seattle together for 4 months. I left, but she stayed. She had already done a lot of traveling.

ME? Yeah, sometimes I’m worried I’ll never be able to settle down. With a woman, or a city. I’m working to fall in love with the money. It’s raining in the desert here, today, but I was thinking about traveling across the city to check out the kitchen supplies store.

Maybe I won’t.

Maybe I will.

Maybe I can’t decide if I should commit to such a thing. I like the idea of a kava bus. I also like the idea of going out and selling kava at the glass shop. However…I am realizing that it’s not nessicarily my strong suit…otherwise wouldn’t I already be doing it?

Is this Friday going to be First Friday? Maybe I will…maybe I will risk it for the biscuit. I have enough money to buy the equipment to sell kava, but then if I don’t sell enough, I won’t be able to pay my rent. I can forsure go down to first Friday art walk…as long as it doesn’t get rained out. I need a table, buckets, ladles, tea’s. to-go cups…I actually already have a cash box…I wish I could accept credit cards. What else do I need? I think that’s like…it. And then I need a wagon to carry it all in. That’s like $250 worth of stuff. Hell fuck yeah ~ I’m going to wagon my shit downtown. I’m going to have to take it on the bus. Like, one of those big beach wagons. Otherwise it will take me…50 minutes to walk there. And if I am dragging a wagon it will make me tired as fuck. And then coming home is basically uphill. I’m imagining it’s all downhill until the Rio Grande.

Should I set a goal? I’ve been doing affirmations. I’ve been following this girl Olivia for months, and she’s a girl I know irl forsure, but we haven’t spent much time talking irl. That being said, all of her ig posts are woke as fuck, and now I’ve advanced to listening to her Spotify playlists. Can you believe I had never listened to NLE Choppa until last week? So then I was bumpin’ that song Bryson, and now I’m doing the 3-6-9 affirmation thing. Do you think it takes away from the affirmation if I share it with yall? I probably will, but honestly I don’t have it in front of me so I couldn’t quote it if I wanted. It’s a long affirmation. I’ll tell you the last two lines ~ I will live to over 150 years and I will die a cyborg. But honestly those lines have nothing to do with the rest of the affirmation. I’m really trying to manifest! I believe in me! And kava is now part of the affirmation haha, but music and writing are.

This Wednesday I’m going to an event with some of the people I work with, and supposedly there’s an open mic and I’m going to be able to rap. I’mma come correct on that shit. Yo, and I’m so hyped about this Cipher Media project…you don’t even know. Can I tell you the truth? I have one of my NFT songs listed for sale at 16 Eth, but I asked the devs to change it to 19 Eth, while lowering the prices of some of my other work. Why isn’t my rap worth 19 Eth? That specific song, I think it is. And there are 7 of them, so you’re not alone in owning it. You’re part of a small, but existent and significant group.

Obviously, if I sell a hip-hop NFT for 16 ether, my life is going to change. I don’t have much right now. I kind of actually had something, but then I squandered it while I wrote my ASMR blog. I’m proud of the writing I created, but I wish I had spent my year doing something different, honestly. Creating writing for the point of being timeless is nice, but I need to find a way to get paid for my talents in the here and now. Ya dig? And yo ~ I’m not going to be releasing hip-hop NFT’s forever. Once I sell these, I’m going to take the profits and invest into myself. I mean, I know I’m going to sell some of my hip-hop nft’s. They are fuckign good! I’m a good ass rapper. But you know what? I’m actually a better writer than I am rapper. It’s about time I admit that. There was a time where I could have been focused on hiphop and made it the approach to my magnum opus. But that is not how it went down. I am a writer, at heart, and you can count on my to keep writing. I will take the profits from my hip-hop sales, and I will invest them into…myself. Fuck, yo! I wish I could tell you that I had an exact plan for anything that I do, but I am just blowin’ in the fuckin’ wind over here, and I can’t stop!

But that’s not how I come correct. Forreal. Even with rapping. I wrote this thing and performed it in the cipher circle on Sunday. I actually wrote it while I was in the circle, but, I did write it. I’m saying that I wrote it only minutes before I performed it the first time. BUT IT WAS LITTY! I’m from the future like John Connor is, and I’m bout to save the world like his damn mama did.

So that’s got me thinking I’ll write more raps. My goal is to publish 1000 hip-hop NFT’s before I turn 30. And that’s not even making up for lost time! I just be rappin’ a lot! I published…I think 5 or 6 hip-hop nft’s yesterday, and I still deleted like 7-8 takes. I try to only take the best! Sometimes I listen to it later and I’m like…yo I coulda came harder than this, but often times I listen to my music and I like it. I have to pee. Pray for me haha.

It went well, don’t trip.

Okay, well, I guess I am going to get out of here and hit the road. Get some food and then go to the kitchen supplies store. I don’t think I posted yesterday, which was a mistake, but yo, I am who I am. I write a lot, and yesterday I was recording. But I did want to publish. I even wrote something! Maybe I’ll include it.



x. Spark Twain