King Of Procrastination

I AM THE KING of procrastination haha. Jk, but sometimes that’s how it feels. I was actually very productive this morning, but only in that I talked to Sam and John for an hour+ with the result that Sam might join me on Friday at the Art Walk to sell some of his art.

I’m not sure what to do about my work. I literally just started this job, but I already know that I can keep up with the work. At least, it’s not in my best interests. Seriously kills the shoulder. And I’ll tell you something ~ I got the job because I’m responsible and wanted to make sure my rent was paid, but if I end up selling a couple of my dope tracks the day that the Cipher app drops, then I actually would have been able to pay my rent the whole time! Even if I hadn’t gotten the job. Now…is that trusting in the process or what?

Just went and had a pee, but I can tell I’m going to have to let a sick fart rip soon. Oh! And I brought a load of laundry with me and I am going to stop and do laundry at the mat before I have to work today.

Yo. I’m going to wait a couple of days…but at this point…I kind of think the only reason I’m not putting in my 2-weeks notice is because my boss is such a cool dude, and I feel bad letting him down haha. Seriously! I showed up, I worked for…like 5 or 6 days, at this point? Lets call it 4 hours per day, so like 20 hours and probably made $200. First of all, that’s a very miniscule amount of money specifically for my situation, because the job is not easy for me. For a proper cook, they will flow at that job fluidly and easily.

Tomorrow, the Cipher Media App drops! And I’m going to sell some of my tracks ~ I know it. Talk about something that comes fluidly and easily to me! Ha! Not only am I going to spam to everyone I know that they should buy some tracks, I’m thinking that individuals who are already interested in the platform will legitimately be interested in my work because it is good. It’s actually good rap music, forreal. Not well produced, and recorded in one take, but it’s quality stuff forsure.

PLUS I’ve got the kava thing going for me. I just talked to John for a little bit, and he says that it’s always poppin downtown on Friday nights. I’m been wondering about it! I’ve gone down there and seen the streets blocked off. What if I could be making a full-on living doing that? Making $250-or-so every Friday just going downtown and being the only game in the state? Fuuuuuck yo. I’m just a scared little boy, at least in comparison to some of these entrepreneurs haha. But nobody can say my ideas aren’t ace, and moreover, I believe they all have longevity.

Depending on how tonight and tomorrow goes, I’ll probably submit my two weeks notice. I’m kind of sorry to my boss about this, but really, I don’t think he’ll care. I am doing things the right way. I’m not just going to stop showing up. I’m going to submit my two weeks. There is one dude there who’s been asking for more hours, so, perhaps they will yank me off the schedule and give him the hours. This job…it’s a fucking job, and even though it hurts my body, it will pay the rent…and so I have to be careful here. But I have a lot of confidence that, honestly, I’m going to sell over 1eth worth of Hip-Hop Nifties this week, and so then…well, no matter how much eth I receive in compensation for MY LIFETIME OF RAPPING, if I can use it to pay my rent and buy food, then I will pull out just enough for that. Unless kava pays my bills first…which it really might. Both method will likely be quicker than my job haha.

I don’t need to think about it. I have all the tools and all the knowledge. I just need to, pretty much, step outside of my comfort zone.

I’ve been following hip-hop ig’s to try and stay up on my knowledge, and I heard this Drake quote the other day, I think he was saying his uncle told him about it : While on the journey, you must not focus on the end goal, otherwise you won’t be able to move past that goal. YO! I think I am that dude. I am THAT dude. Because, really, last year I had everything I needed to find a lifetime of success…but I didn’t find that success, and why is that? Perhaps because I didn’t have any idea where I wanted to be! Really. We all know that that’s how I be. Indecisive. But I’m not just trying to be better ~ I am being better.

All that being said, I am going to go do my laundry and do some writing for my kava bar. PEACE!

x. Spark Twain