Kava + Trà Hưng Phấn


My friend Ross and I ~ we’re about to be killin’ the game here in abq. He’s a bluegrass musician, and I make freestyle rap. What could go wrong? Haha.

Have you checked out my ill rhymes?!?

I’m been minting NFT’s like ccrraazzyy. I’m falling in love with these songs too. I’m listening to them; I’m learning the words. I’ve been considering that I’ve officially given myself up to a platform haha. If Cipher Media disappeared…all my music would disappear. I’d be telling people about these songs I recorded when I was 29, but I don’t have them anymore. Just like the songs I recorded when I was 20, and 23. All the ages. I’ve always been recording music. And now? Well…YO! I’ve written so much about not trusting platforms haha. Look at Substack. I condiered publishing a newsletter on these ~ I mean, I’m writing everyay anyway! But then it’s like…why would I move off my blog? And yo ~ I could just rap over YT beats and put them up online, either on my website, soundcloud, or YouTube. But I don’t. I never have. Why? What gives?

Well, I’ll tell you what gives.

The Universe gives.

Gives you what you need! And if you come correct, you might even get what you want, which is much more powerful.

My whole life has been leading up to this point. I’m bout to get paid…for rapping. And I’m going to do it how anybody else has ever done it, and that’s part of being Spark Twain, I guess, because…yo, I’m filling these shoes like they have separated toes! My shit is on point right now. I’m minting 1-3 songs per day, and that just…yo, I rap that much anyway, even before I was recording. It’s really worked out well. I bought my Zoom H6 for making a podcast, but I like rapping with it way more. Haha. Maybe I should go back to doing my podcast? Idk. I have to fart, but I’m holding it in because I know it’s going to be wretch.

A lot! My brain is like that song Lazy Lightening ~ or that blog post Lazy Lightening.

YO! I’ve got the idea! Haha. I’m going to record myself recording these freestyles, and I’m going to put the videos on YouTube. This way….I need to get millions of people interested in my music if I really hope to sell 37 iterations of each recording for 0.33 ether. That’s forsure my plan. That’s a really good price. I think it’s the perfect price! .33 eth? Last year that was like nothing haha. 1 ETHER IS 1 ETHER! BIG WOW, BITCH.

Yo, yeah forsure, 1 eth it 1 eth, and thiz what it is. Thizzy Twain up in the building right now. You ever listening to Thizzy Marley? That’s been my shit recently.

I’ve killed a whole scone this morning! Not the move haha. Now that I’ve been eating so much fried food again, because of my job, the morning scone is hittin’ different.

What should I really be writing about? I don’t think that the art walk is happening tonight like I thought it was, but I’m going to go downtown anyhow and I’m still going to sell kava haha. I made hella simple syrup, so now I’m pot committed.

Dude…I made a drink last night, and it was so fucking good. My kava bar is going to kick ass. I’m a genius. Did I tell you that I put in my two weeks notice at my job already? I mean, seriously. I worked there for one week…and my fucking back was not right. I can move to Venice and live on the beach, but I can not work a fry station. I’m still going to be there for another week or two. I’m pretty sure this old dude in here just told his wife to watch her mouth. Old dude can be so disrespectful. Yo, and like, maybe he didn’t say that I could have misheard, but, I’ve been known a lot of folks to live life like that, and it just ain’t right. Hmm. But then nobody sat next to him. Yo, what if he just said it to a random person haha. What if he didn’t say it at all? What if it was all just a dream?

It wasn’t a dream.

I’m got my coffee for here today, but that might not have been required. I can get the refills if I want, but then I’ll be fucking zooted at work haha. Today is going to be a short day, I know it. My boss was going to let me go early yesterday, but then I told him I’d rather leave early on Friday, and so then he made it happen. I feel bad for quitting my job…but that’s all I feel. I am not worried about supporting myself. Kava to the moon, baby!

And rap…don’t even talk to me about rap. I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve always done, rapping everyday, but now I’m going to record a lot of it and I am going to mint a lot it into limited edition, blockchain-official, Non-Fungible Tokens. Somehow I’m going to have to make sure all my music is up on IPFS as well, which…I think it is. Eventually this will be a DAO. Which…I have much to learn about the DAO.

Everytime I talk to my father, it’s very stressful. He’s an old white guy forsure. Everytime I try to talk to him about anything, I end up getting a lesson about something. That’s a reflection of self. I’m pretty sure my father doesn’t enjoy almost anything he does, but he just doesn’t know how to change it. I don’t know how to change my situation either, really, but I am definitely trying a lot of different things. I used to feel kind of bad for my dad, or something, but at the end of the day…his shoulder isn’t even broken.

Is your shoulder broken? If you’re just sitting around your parents house mopping, you should consider that you still have your health. Drop everything and start doing yoga for 30 minutes, two to three times per day. You will almost instantly be happier with yourself and your life. The time is 09:23 in the morning here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I am writing to you from MTCR. And…soon I am going to leave. Going to work! How fun. But, like I said, I think it’s going to be a short day. 3-4 hours, I’m expecting. Then, when I’m done, I’m going to…go home, maybe record a rap, then pack all my stuff into my wagon and go downtown and sell Kava and Hung Phan. Word. I need a BIG fucking sign. Right now, I have no sign. I’m going to have to go to Walmart after work maybe…I might have to take my cooler back and get the phatty, but I’m going to try doing it with just what I got, for today.

Okay…well, I’m not going to leave yet, but I’m going to publish this and then…idk. Chill, or something.

x. Spark Twain