Afternoon of July 3rd 2021 MTCR

The time is 16:21 and I am writing to you from MTCR. I just got of work, like, 15 minutes ago. I made myself some onion rings and ate them on the way here…it was a terrible decision. After working at this place for 2 weeks, I’m wondering how long before they shut down. But I thought that same thing about the hostel in Milwaukee.

Ayoo the barista here at not only told me she loves to pull espresso shots, but she also told me that she hasn’t used that stuff in a while, referring to one of the two potions that I now sell.

Shit’s surreal, fam. For the longest time, everyone in my life has been waiting for me to find my calling, and now, I think I have. HIPHOP NFT’s! haha. I’m kidding. Slangin Kava! Baby! Yo. The only thing that’s better than the money, is the people. I legitimately love meeting all the cool people downtown. I even made a friend! Weston is a dude who, unlike most of you, could probably successfully sue me for writing about him in my blog. Lucky for both of us, those context clues aren’t enough. But this next one is haha ~ he supported my business ~ and so did 10+ other people.

In front of my, I have the first quad shot I ever remember ordering. Now that I am writing about it…I’m not the kind of guy who can just willy-nilly say I’ve never done that before because changes are I wrote about it, and that you can read about it on my blog, and so how could I lie? I couldn’t. You would find out. If I lie, it’s just because I was wrong not on purpose.


And after I kill this thing ~ and after I post this to my blog ~ I’m going to go home, pack up the cart, and head downtown! Bout to kill the game a second time. I bet this is how Joe Coogi feels. Just…being myself, everyday. Pretty soon I’mma be a famous fucking rapper too. And money will probably change me, and make me better. If I tell you to fuckoff these days, know that I really mean that shit. And if I tell you I love you, I really mean that shit too. This espresso is about to fuck me up. I’ve been doing a lot more recording hiphop than writing to my blog, at least for the last week.

The time is 16:39…and I’m going to finish the last ¼th of this quad and then…hit the road. And I really going to go downtown tonight? Yeah dog ~ I have to! And I’m gonna make over $100 again, and I’m going to catch the BART [Bitchin’ Ass Rapid Transit] so I don’t have to walk all the fucking way home again. I’m going to hire a fulltime employee like…right away. I’m going to go out today and tomorrow, and I’m going to make enough money to pay my rent JUST in these two days from Kava, Hung Phan, and tyedye.

OKAY The time is 16:44 and I’m OUTTA HERE!

x. Spark Twain