July 6th @ Ihatov Bread + Coffee

The time is 08:52 and I am writing to you from Ihatov Bread + Coffee. I like it here. They only hire beautiful people haha. And I mean really beautiful people ~ not just beautiful souls, but superficially good looking individuals. It’s crazy haha. It’s uncanny. But it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m looking for a beautiful girl! And! I’m hanging out with one today. She is going to take photographs of me, and I’m hella grateful for that ~ let’s just clear the space with that. Nobody ever offers to take pictures of me, and I guess it kind of makes me sad. I’ve come to believe I intimidate people, and it’s obvious to me that any feelings of being unwanted from when I was younger, were actually just wrong-interpretations of my intimidation factor. People are scared to tell me I’m wrong and shit, and I think they are scared to ask to take me picture, because they are afraid I will be mean and say no haha. NOPE! SHOOT ME, DAMMIT!

But! Now yall missed out. I’ve found a photographer! And she is beautiful. At least superficially haha. I’m positive she feels the same way about me, too. I’m pretty sure I wrote about that yesterday…but I never posted it, so what’s it to you really? All my clothes are at the laundry mat, but the Chinese lady is there is I feel safe. She could be Vietnamese for all I know, but I think not.

Ihatov is poppin off right now! There was a pirate-hippie ordering before. Looked like someone I might see out in India haha. Dressed the same, and with tiny blond dreadlocks. I thought about lockin up. SIKE!

I thought about thinkin about lockin up. My hair is like angelhair pasta haha. It is was like…cavatappi, then I would really consider lockin’ up.

Sooner or later I will have to go back and finish my laundry. I’m debating if I want to publish before I go back…I probably should. I’m doing it! I’m doing multiple things without spreading myself too thin!

I’m going to start selling water downtown.

I can’t stop thinking about this girl.

Commitment is a choice, and I am way bad at making choices. I guess I am looking for a girl who is interested in running my business with me, because there is no way I will be a supportive member of a relationship when the other person is not interested in what I am giving my life to.

I’m giving my everything to this kava bar. Today I’m going to pay my rent, and after that, I will have about $70 to my name. Which is enough to make change! Haha. Actually my landlord just called, and I don’t have to pay rent until tomorrow now, which is nice. Really what I want to do is go downtown and sell kava…but I’m not sure how well it would work during the day, and also….I’m actually not ready to go downtown. There is a lot of stuff I told myself I was going to do this week before I went out again, and so far I have done none of it. Menu. Menu. Menu. Laundry. Photographs.

x. Spark Twain