Second Day Out

This could get weird really fast, haha. HELLO! My name is Spark Twain, and I run the only kava bar in New Mexico. I’m imagining that’ how you found out about me. I’ve been considering everything, you know?

Omg I feel like recording a rap right now, so you know what? I’m going to. I’m going to do it right now…and then I’ll link you to it.

Honestly, I have a TONNE of stuff I want to write about. I’m like…some dude that’s been writing a blog for years and traveled around the world, and now…everybody and their fucking mother is going to know who I am. I still haven’t recorded the rap haha, I just kept with the writing. But SERIOUSLY! I’m thinking about it now. I’m going to pearl my social media game, and yo…lots of ppl are going to follow my kava bar online. Omg so many big ideas…I can’t even tell you about it all. I mean, just cuz, I’m too disorganized haha. What is really important for me to write…I will be downtown ABQ every Thursday-Sunday from 7pm onward? That seems important. Come say hi. Oh, and I also write this crazy ass blog. My brain yo…at the end of the day, this blog is about pussy, money, and weed. In that order haha.

OKAY IMMA RAP NOW! THE TIME IS 21:37 here in ABQ and fireworks are going off. You’ll be able to hear them on the recording, I’m sure. Okay, lego.


TiMeWaRp ~ The time is 17:05 and I am writing to you from the Central food hall in downtown Albuquerque. I’m not sure what the vibe is going to be tonight, but I walked my cart down here, and so I’m going to wait and see! This is my furst FULL day out. I’m sitting in one spot, writing hti s to you, ans my pone charges in a different location. So I can see my cart, and my phone at the same time haha. My computer is going to die too, but that’s hardly n issue.

I could describe to you how I feel, but it would be worthless, cuz yall know the vibe. I’m having so much luck with my Kava Cart ~ and it’s all because of Florida. Nobody can say they made Spark Twain, except for Southwest Florida.

I am the vibe in ABQ right now. Which is like…conceited asf to say, but idk. I think it’s forreal. It’s all about confidence yall. I’m going to be a famous person forsure In my head, I’ve been famous for 10 years haha. But what is fame really? Yo. The universe is making me find out. It’s not a blessing extended from the cloud to better the lives of some random well-deservers. Fame is you take a piece of you soul, and you scatter is across the earth. A lot of people do this on accident. I did it on purpose. This act will immortalize you, but only as an extension of your mortal life. I’m going to go pee while I still have the chance. My phone is prolyl at 20%. Maybe I should turn it off. IT seems to charge so much faster that way. And then….might keep writing. I should stay here as long as possible, really.

Okay well…I didn’t ask to use the bathroom, because the dude is currently mopping it. But I did turn my phone off. It was at 25%. That’s not bad, but it’s also not perfect. I wanted to post an Instagram posts too. Hmm, and apparently it’s going to rain in Roswell tomorrow. I’m seeing it on the local weather. Mexican’s and Aliens…Yo, I might be in the right place. Name a country that’s more chill than Mexico.

I’ll wait…

@me about that shit haha.

I feel good ~ I feel great. My boss said he is going to try and get me off the schedule earlier than next Wednesday…I hope it is true. I guess I should be more worried, but I’m just not. My rent is due tomorrow, and 80% of my rent money is locked up in Ethereum. I sold a small amount of music this week, I think purchased by some members of the Cipher Media team. That’s what I’m really hoping for. To sell those NFT’s slovly…slowly…until eventually people are seeing my page like look how many people own this guys nft’s and then the rest of my stuff sells like hotcakes, and then everything I create from then on out sells as soon as I publish it. That’s the rapper life I hope to lead. But I am also going to lead the kava life, because it makes me happy, honestly. Meeting people and spreading knowledge about this thing I consume daily, and has definitely changed my life. I should have deffo pee’d, I’m feeling it now. How I’m going to change up my situation….I’m not sure. It’s 17:25, so I guess if sister was going to be open, they would be open. Maybe I’ll just go piss behind some building. I’ve got kind of a shy bladder, but I’m getting better. Hmm, and I am impatient I don’t need to leave, forsure, because everyone else is still chillin, and my phone isn’t done charging. BUT I WANNA! Haha. I guess I want to pee? And get back out there! It’s a rush, yo. I made like $60 today. $50 from shirts, and `10 from kava. But you just watch ~ by Christmas imma have 50 regular customers, and I’m still going to be selling kava out of a wagon. Honestly, I think I can make $4000 per month out of this wagon, and if that is true, I should easily be able to afford to migrate into brick and mortar. I know very specifically which spot I want to rent…but I gotta move quick, or someone else will nab it up with a 10 year lease! And those college students deserve Spark Twain…not some lame ass run-of-the-mill coffee shop. Lego!


Whoa ~ I never posted that! What a trip. Guess were doing another time warp! Now it’s 10:31 and I am writing to you from MTCR in Albuquerque. Yesterday was lit. I went back out at night….and I didn’t sell very much. I think I sold 2 more shirts, and 1 cup of kava? But overall I make like a hundred bucks yesterday, and that’s pretty fucking miraculous, I think. Actually, miraculous is the wrong word. I worked long and hard to be able to sell these shirts. I gave a lot of them to Ant, and although I am happy to be doing business with other people, I now wish that I had them. They are selling like hotcakes! And if I had the other half of my collection, that would be even better.

OF course, I can always make more. In fact, maybe that is what I should do. It would be way more difficult here in new Mexico, given my situation…but I’m sure I could find someone with some land that would let me run dye into their property in return for a few shirts. Tyedying with the dyes that I use is not good for the environment, but I choose to run the dye into the ground instead of the sewer system…because I trust mother earth more than the government haha. THAT BEING SAID now that I am in New Mexico, I’m realizing that tyedye should be a regional thing, because draining the dye into the desert would be way more ethical than draining the dye into the moist earth that is Florida. The goal is to contain that dye in the ground until there is a way to really clean that shit up, and then boom you’ll know where it is. Eventually everything circulates, forsure, but I think that the desert would probably be your best chance…my best chance at containing the dye.

I feel tired today. In the body. Probably from standing so long yesterday. I’ve been considering that I need to bring a chair downtown with me when I go to sell kava. It’s crazy…I’m really feeling good about this. A lot of people I know, because a lot of my friends are also business owners, are doing the kava thing…and now I feel like I’m part of the tribe haha. YO! But I want to upgrade my equipment. There is no chance that I will be able to obtain a license in time to go full swing with this. So! My plan is to build a customer basis, and on my way there I’m going to expand my tool kit. I want to get a new cart, and a larger cooler. I want to get a HUGE sign. Like, I need a way larger sign. WAY HUGE SIGN is what I need. Right now I’m not really lax on funds. I have a little bit. And, I guess, I have another paycheck coming. That will probably be…several hundred dollars, actually. I might immediately invest in a new cart. People are asking me for water downtown all the time. I think I’m going to start stocking it! All I need is a bigger cart. I’m so excited. I’m a little worried things will go haywire…but not that worried. So far it has been smooth sailing. I need to look into getting certified and shit, that way there can really be no problems. I’mma get goat on this ishdar. I’m thinking to sell vintage clothes even! And I want to get someone playing music, and I want to get a tarot card reader to come out with me. It’s going to be such a fucking vibe downtown ~ EVERY THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY IN DOWNTOWN ALBUQUERQUE, AND SATURDAY MORNINGS ACROSS FROM THE FARMERS MARKET AT ROBINSON PARK!

I guess I’m still not going to post this, but I am going to start looking for how to obtain a larger sign. I need larger signage or I am never going to do as good of business. I also need to create a menu for people to touch and feel. Several menus. Yes…I’m onto it. I’ve got a couple of day off from my dish job, and…well tomorrow I am hanging out with that girl. She’s super cool. I’m not nervous at all. I know for a fact that we are attracted to each other, but tomorrow we are going to find out if we have anything in common. I’m hoping we become bestfriends!

But what is hope really? The universe ebbs and flows. If I hangout with this girl tomorrow, and it turns out we have nothing in common, I will not have lost anything. There is a lot to gain and nothing to lose. Take the fucking dive, Kid.

x. Spark Twain