Left Em High-n-Dry

The time is 06:21, and there is a gentleman sleeping on my couch right now. Cheers to knowing he won’t steal anything because my vibes are just too damn good.

Is that wrong to say? NLE says he doesn’t even carry his gun anymore because he knows that he’s good. Me? I also know that I’m good.

As soon as I can…fuck it! That’s right now.

I can’t lie…I might not go to work today. I’m scheduled to be there at 10. It’s like…what will happen if I don’t go? Will I be rewarded with a $300 day? Or will I receive bad karma for leaving everyone high and dry?

In my head…I want to be polite and go in to work. Could I use the money? Who couldn’t use the money? Forreal. But going into work for 6 hours today and making $60, compared to going downtown at noon and probably making….yo. I’m not going to work. I’m going to text my boss right now…it makes me extremely nervous…I can’t believe I’m actually writing that out. My worry is that I don’t go into work today, and then I have a string of bad karma at my own business. Seriously. That’s about my only worry. I’m pretty confident that if I don’t go into work today, the business won’t fall apart. I’m pretty confident that if I don’t go into work today, my coworkers won’t hate me. It’s really tough. How major of a piece of shit am I if I message my boss right now and tell him I’m not coming in? Is that better than simply not showing up at all? I think it is. 100% I think it’s better. But it’s not as good as actually going into work. And then they don’t just lose me today, they lose me the rest of the weekend and week too. I’m scheduled today, tomorrow, and Sunday. If I don’t go in today, I am pretty sure…everything will work out in my favor. In fact, I believe that my vibe is so on-point right now, that whatever I do, is the right thing to do.

IT’S DONE! I sent the message. I messaged my boss and told him that I won’t be coming in today…I feel terrible about it. But I know that when I make two or three hundred dollars today, my feeling will subside by the night.

And if I don’t make any money…I will feel dumb, but, like I said, my vibes are good right now. I’m untouchable at this moment.

The time is only 06:48. OKAY! Now I have a lot I need to do. And I need to make sure everything goes smooth today. For that reason, I’m going to post this, and then get on the road. God forgive me for all the jobs I have left high-and-dry, but also note that I am just a man, and I am not close to the worst of them, and perhaps I am close to the best of them.

x. Spark Twain