Fulfill My Kava Fantasies

Weary and motivated, I am an oxymoron writing to you from the 505 Central Food Hall in downtown Albuqueruque. I have ordered a qusidilla from Tino’s, and now I await…I’m to assume it doesn’t have cheese on it. That’s not listed. Now that I’m thinking about….I bet it’s going to have hella cheese. Why wouldn’t it. I guess the queso is implied. Damn. I bet that thing is going to come with hella cheese…I might just order something else and get it without cheese. I’ll probably eat one slice. It’s provably going to be good.

Oh! My body is tired! It’s busy though. I’d love to get out there with my kava bar. It would be awesome even to get into this 505 central food hall, but, it’s nothing like having a whole spot. Or…maybe it is. There is a bar in here, and I’m not sure how well they do. But they would do better with to-go drinks, and my drinks are to-go.

I feel quite dumb for not realizing that quesadilla literally implied cheese haha. Dang. It just arrived. I also forgot that I got it for-here, instead of to-go. Hella cheese. I can see it already. Well. Fuck. Haha. Yo. I was just talking to myself this morning about how I need to learn how to speak Spanish, and this making it even more obvious. It only cost me $8, so that’s not so bad. But idk.

The time is now 17:57 here in ABQ, and I am writing to you from Humble Coffeee. The girl working is quite good looking. So many of the people in Albuquerque are physically attractive ~ I definitely enjoy this city haha. I have a thing for young women with phat asses.

Don’t we all.

I’m not sure what I am going to do about this blog. I think I’m going to start telling people strictly to follow me on my @witchcraftkava page from now on, because I really only want to write about sex haha, and that doesn’t pair well with building business relationship. But seriously. I have to write about sex, or I will not be happy haha. Except I haven’t had sex in…a long time now, so, there isn’t much to write about. It’s all fantasy. You know? But that can be fun as well. I’d like to write something dirty about the girl working here at Humble, but I won’t.

But I could. Cuz I’m thinking about it haha.

I guess I am going to work on my kava paperwork right now. I need to have better descriptions of kava and elicir so that I a not just winging it everytime I explain it to someone.

I’ve made like 30 bucks today. I feel hyped! And there is a show across from Inside Out in about an hour. I actually came here to pee, and to get out of the wind. But now, after not very long in the building, I think I am going to go back down the street. I’m going to go out there, and I honestly believe I can make over $100 in the next 2-3 hours. Boom! And that would make everything I do worthwhile! I’m trying to put some money in my pocket! Putting a hundo in my pocket, tonight, would make a huge difference in my life. I’d like to get to the point where I’m coming out and making over $100 every Thursday-Sunday. $400 per week X 4 week = $1,600 per month. That would pay the bills! PLUS the business is growing. This feels great. I feel like I’m going with the grain exactly how I need to be. Now, I’m going to go introduce myself to the barista, and then head back up the street. Pray for me, yall. I love yall.

x. Spark Twain

PS: I missed the cipher.media cipher tonight, but know that I love kava as much as rap, and I’m doing the right thing over here. Big Ups to the Cipher Team for making my life more enjoyable by doing what they love!