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The Pragmatic Approach || Kava Shopping List || Lulu Lemon

I publish all sorts of crazy shit on my blog, but everyone and their grandmother is finding out that I’m Spark Twain surprise! Aand now it’s like…what am I going to do? Haha. I’m going to be pragmatic.

Today, I made a list of stuff that I need to get done. I might get most of it done.

The Kava Bar is going quite well. Today I was thinking about opening a bank account, and opening a business here in NM. I probably still have to do some matinence on my business in Florida. I thought I paid for everything, and then bop I get hit with another thing. I’m pretty sure I have more stuff to pay for. The bass is pumpin here at MTCR. Good stuff. I love this place. So nice. So chill. I love NM, and NM is loving me back. It feels good.

One of the things on my list is to go to the restaurant store in town and buy 1 more 4oz ladle. I’ve been wondering about how I want to proceed. Getting a bank acct and LLCing the business would be a huge first step. This will probably cost…500-800 dollars. I’m dealing with food and drink. I’ve also considered that I need to get approved the first time I apply, otherwise it’s like…I could have just kept doing it without incorporating.

I drank my espresso really fast.

I have $100 with which I am considering opening a bank account at a local business. But I guess, it’s like, I don’t need another personal bank account. I need…I need things, but idk what. My internet just cut out. Nice. I’m always paranoid of hackers and shit haha, even though I have nothing to take. Yet. But someday I will. It’s better to be prepared early. I feel my tummy rumblin’ and I’m thinking I’d prefer to take a shit at home, but it’s more like I will have a superior shit at home, and so is it worth traversing across town for this superior shit.

What else is on my list? Create and laminate menu’s! This is like…uber important. This German girl once told me that uber means above. This is not the first time I have written this on my blog.

There a lot of stuff I need to do. Written descriptions of what I’m selling, in addition to QR codes to transport people to them. The reason most restaurants use QR codes is because their menu changes all the time. I’ve been considering this. I don’t want to create two laminated menu’s and then decide to change things up right away. It’s just bad for the environment. But I do want to create two laminated menus.

Ordering bulk supplies online! This is required and can not be overlooked any longer.

I’ve been considering how I can get credit extended for this business. Perhaps opening a bank acct at a local bnk is the mve. Ukno?

Lulu Lemon is also on the list, because I love their product, and I want to review it for YouTube, but I want them to have my back when I do it, that way I can make a little money. These shorts are amazing. And I have that backpack review video, remember? And I want to use that as leverage for a affiliate program through Lulu Lemon.

Lastly, I need to get thinner pens. I bought these pens at Wally World, and I thought they were going to be like the ones I was used to, but they aren’t. They are 1mm, and I guess I was using 0.7mm, I think. I can’t actually find my old pen anymore…or…I guess I haven’t looked. OMGoodness I also need to clean my friggin house. Like hella need to clean that shit. It’s not even going to be difficult. My place is so clutch for cleaning.

Thanks for reading! ILY and I’ll ttys.

x. Spark Twain