Bread & Fentanyl

I suppose I just need to do what I’m good at, you know? The time is 10:55 and I am writing to you from Ihatov Bread & Coffee. This place is alright. I am strange when it comes to eating bread ~ I just eat the loaf! Like, I rip pieces off and eat from the loaf. I love bread. It’s part of the roots of humanity.

Yeah, I’m not really sure how I feel about this place. I think some pieces of land are just…not as experienced as some other pieces of land. My experiences here are almost never good. Last time I was here I broke one of my mason jars. Twice now, including today, I have ordered a buttermilk biscuit, and…I’m not sure why haha. They are good if you get here right in the morning, but otherwise they taste thick and viscous. Not good, in my opinion. And it’s like…why wouldn’t they automatically warm it up? Do a lot of people buy these things and take them home? I guess if you are doing, like, biscuits and gravy or something. Can people in Albuquerque afford to do that? Haha. I think these things are like $3 per! It makes me wonder about their other products. The biscuits should be fluffy when they are done…but they are not, and so, what are the rest of the breads?

And remember, I’m a guy who wants to open a business in the local community. It would suck to never have a good relationship with Ihatov. They only hire beautiful people! I know I’ve written about that before haha.

The other things I purchased today were…Nigella Tumeric bread, and a large coffee. They ran out of coffee, so on my way out I am going to grab a small, and that will equal things out. I’m not sure if their large is the same size as MTCR or not. The MTCR cup is taller, but perhaps they are both 16oz.

What else do I need to do today? Somehow, I am terrible with my money haha. I had like 130 yesterday, and now I’ve got $15. I bought some sponges and stuff. But mostly I just bought weed and food. Yo, the weed here is expensive. And I’ve completely stopped buying weed from outside of dispensaries. It always sucks a double dick. There is one person in Florida that had pretty good weed, but I didn’t even cop from him ~ we’re just friends haha. By the time I met him I was already moving onto the medical game. Having a med card is key. And so, yeah, I’m straight scared to buy weed from the street. I can see how a paranoid person could connect the dots of a conspiracy on this one. The American Government wants to both support their neighbors as-well-as solve their drug problem, so they contract a company in Mexico to create Fentanyl-laced refer, and sell it in-bulk at a very cheap price to the cartel, who, in turn, would make sure it found it’s way to the US. Then, here in the US, the outbreak of rampant Fentanyl-laced weed causes people to confide in the newly-adopted system of legalized weed. In a world where people might have been scared for their government to change TCH quantity limit allowances or perhaps do some other strange genetic modifications to the baseline of cannabis as we know it ~ all those worries get thrown out the window as Fentanyl-laced weed all but forces people to seek out legal refer.

Let’s not forget that China is the number one producer of Fentanyl in the world, and so, if the above is true, what is actually happening is that China is supplying Mexico is supplying the USA. So, actually ~ blame China. People have spoken about why don’t we just force China to stop manufacturing Fentanyl but the fact of the matter is that we cannot force them to stop producing anything, we just have to limit how we purchase said product.

What if Donald Trump actually worked out a deal with China [the government, the businesses, the people ~ all just China], where The US Government was the catalyst of the uptick in Fentanyl production? That could be as real as sliced bread, and as American as apple pie. Fivereal. As Americans, our job, mission and duty has to be to stay vigilant and not purchase any of these “little blue M pills” I keep hearing about.

Come to Witchcraft instead and let the potion take hold!

x. Spark Twain