Can’t Believe I’d Never Been To Little Bear Coffee

The time is 08:50 on July 14th, and I am writing to you from Little Bear Coffee. I ordered a double espresso, and I am sat with very bad posture. OKAY! Now I have fixed the posture. A little. Everyone is on the other side of the shop ~ must be a vibe that switches from day to day. This building is kick-ass, ­I can’t believe I’ve never been in here before! Seriously!

Last night, I sold my first growler of Kava for $30. Actually, it was $35 because I charged a $5 jar fee too.

Now what I need to do ~ is get some more jars! Wtf! I’m going to keep the price the same. So each drink is supposed to have 12oz of potion or elixir, and 4 ounces of other liquids. Le Citron, which is a drink, has more like 15.5 ounces of potion/elixir and then 0.5 ounces of lemon juice. It’s pretty good. And when I use the solo cups it’s actually more, because they are 18oz cups.

Pretty soon I’m going to be coming home with well over a hundred dollars everytime I go out…which is good, because I have to pay rent next month haha. I will probably resign me lease. Can’t be the King of Albuquerque if I have no place to live in the city! I was thinking about bidding on a year long lease, and asking for a lower rent due to the contract. I pay $775, so I was thinking maybe to ask for 750 per month? But then I’ll sign a 12 month lease. That ends in September! Which is like…prime time for college students moving in, right? Or does it have to be earlier? Idk; never went to college. Also, I might rent this same spot for a long time.

Actually that’s not true. I went to college for two months, but then I stopped going after I got arrested. If you are interested in that story…it’s somewhere on this blog. Oh my goodness ~ there is so much on the internet about me, by me!

Today, we Bula to being patient and achieving success.

x. Spark Twain