Spark Twain vs sparktwain.eth

Today was meant to me.

River running free! You know how I feel! The original Feeling Good by Nina Simone is filling the air, and I am here to enjoy the pleasures of it.

Almost considered going to Little Bear ~ you know, what they have over there is anatomically designed to be approved by people like me. Hella power outlets, and a central bar. It’s really litty up in that bih, but, I still like Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters better. Why? Issa vibe.

Boys will come a dime by the dozen, but that ain’t nothin but drug store love ~ pretty little thing let me light your candle, cuz momma I’m quite hard to handle. Yeah, sure am.

Can you guess what is filling the air now? Otis baby. My Dad, who knows hella bout music, didn’t even know what that song was by Otis Redding. Somehow he had only heard this version from the 80’s or 90’s ~ some rock version. The discussion happened because I was hearing that version for the first time.

Yeah, as I said yesterday, the music at this coffee shop is perhaps better than any coffee shop in the world. Maybe I should just do my own coffee awards, and send the awards to my favorite shoppes haha.

Right now I’ve been looking to work with this girl Isabella Baquerizo. I just messaged her about Kinchasa, but I didn’t use his name. I’m not on the Cipher Media team, really, but I want to be haha. I’d love to have a job where I’m paid in ETH. I could ~ and would ~ move out of the country for a couple of months to save money. It’s literally killing two birds with one stone.

What did I really want to talk about this morning? I had stuff…



Okay, see, I was actually getting to that. Izzy ~ the graphic designer ~ is going to make a pixel portrait for me. I just need to decide which image I want to use. Of course I have considered using the image that is my current image for everything. But, actually…I’m gonna get serious about my shit. I’m going to hire a manager! Haha. I’m super serious. Well, kind of. I’ve become open to the idea of hiring a manager, but, I really don’t know what I’m doing fully yet. I’m doing that Kava Bar thing. Really, the only person that I’ve come to believe I could work with on this, is Ant. But I’m not sure I want to do that haha. For multiple reasons, the top of which is that my innerself says I need to do this alone. Perhaps an outside investor ~ one for 10% that makes no business decisions. Perhaps instead of writing this blog post I should be writing a proposal for my kava bar.

The problem is that I don’t exactly know what I need. I did find out that someone else is planning to open a Kava Bar in ABQ, and they way it was brought to my attention, I imagine they are literally building out the bar as we speak, right now. They probably even have an IG page.

Ha. Fuck it. I’mma turn on my Google Maps Business Acct, and then Ill forsure be the first Kava Bar in ABQ.

Okay, nvm, I have the wrong Google ppprwrk with me. I have the Congratulations paper for ABQ LLC, but not the Activate Your Acct paper for WC Kava. Which is called Witchcraft Kava on the map. I’ve been seriously backing off that, and just going with WC Kava instead. Might even change the name of the business to WC on Google. When I register is as a business…I guess I will use Witchcraft Kava, because that’s what it is. I could use WC. I think WC is pretty good haha. Witchcraft Homie! It’s what the ppl do!

So, anyway, I’m going to have Izzy pixelate me, and then I’m going to change my name on IG to “sparktwain.eth” and that is going to be my rap name and shit. Word. And then I’m going to turn ST into my rap brand, and then I’ll be a rapper who owns and runs a witchcraft themed kava bar. Forsure. Sounds like the perfect plan, right? But, first, I really gotta bust some moves. Maybe I should write up a bit of a proposal today. Ask for…40k for 10% of my company. Because I know that I could get this rolling for 40k. Especially because, like…I haven’t even told you the greater part of my plan! Haha. 5REAL!

Yeah, I need to pen a proposal. Str8up. At least have it ready. I have…two ways, actually, of going about raising money. Fuck Yeah. I need to get on it. I’m going to…go home, and watch some YT videos, and then write, and then later today I’m going to sell kava, and then tomorrow…is tomorrow.

x. Spark Twain