July 21st ~ 2021 ~ MTCR

The time is 06:53 and I am writing to you from MTCR. I didn’t go out and sell kava last night, and it turned out to be a terrible decision. I got sucked into somebody else’s life! This dude accosted me while I was walking to the store, and he told me that he was my neighbor. Which is his. But then we ended up talking for a while…it was a disaster haha. I’m sure he had a good time, but, I’m way over trying to communicate with the members of society I keep meeting. Like, this guy was trying to tell me that money isn’t the answer and everything. If you’re one of those people who is going to tell me to move into the woods and live in a tent, just get the fuck out of my face. Seriously. I am down for the cause, yall, but just because you think it’s a good idea, doesn’t mean I’m going to feel the same way. Wow. The music in here is so pristine right now. Shazaming……………………………..No Result. Hmm. Never heard that song before. SIKE! Again No Result. AGAIN NO RESULT ~ and this time I Walked up to the fucking speaker. Do you understand when I say that Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters has the best music of any coffeeshop in the world? I literally can’t even Shazam this shit. It’s elite. ELITE!

So, uhhh, anyway. Yeah ~ I don’t want to dog on my new friend ~ as it were ~ but I realy didn’t go out last night because I thought it was going to rain ~ and then it didn’t rain. I should have gone out Even if I didn’t sell anything. I just felt a little…off…about it. I think that I told you…I called about where I want to put my kava bar, and somebody already called to put a kava bar there. And then I think I told you I want to rent the place down the street for kava, but then rent out the other place and just hold events there. Word. I gotta move faster though. And there is a location in that Brick Light area that recently had the For Rent sign removed, and it makes me wonder if those people decided to put their kava bar there…but there no way that the retail lady would try and rent me a spot across the street from where she knows my competition is going to be…right? Obviously if that was the case, I would shit fire upon them from this blog. Yall don’t understand, but Spark Twain creepin’ up on having The Utmost Respect.

I am by no means perfect, but I am worth it.

Hmm. I guess that’s it for now! I’m going to publish this, and them putz around with my branding…well, not putz ~ I really need to get shit done, and then I need to gather some investment capital! Fuck yeah!

Actually, I might not need investment capital ~ if yall decide to buy my music ~ fivereal, I’m selling hiphop nft’s. Check them out here, and definitely listen, but consider picking up some Ethereum, and then you’ll have some, but you can also pick up my music with it. WORD!


x. Spark Twain