Seeking Mountain Love

That girl said hi to me again today. She didn’t say much, but she definitely could have said less. Ugh. I’m done. I love seeing her pretty face, and her saying hi to me totally made my night. Plus, I sold two pins ~ which is a radical thirty bucks in my pocket. Much needed. Now I’m home, and I’m eating beef and onions…it’s pretty dank. I used to never salt my food, but now I’m salt bae. I’m hella good with the salt.

Of course I want to have sex with her, but also I want to have sex with this Asian girl I saw at the co-op 20 minutes ago, so that’s not sayin’ much. What’s really important is that I want to get to know her. I want to go up to the mountains and lay under the stars with her. She’ll tell me about her family, and I’ll tell her about mine. Then we’ll make passionate love as the coyotes howl to consummate our orgasms.

Of course I want to have sex with her.

It’s what I’m thinking about. I should be thinking about paying rent, building a brand, and pitching investors. But instead I’m thinking about the liquid gold that definitely comes out of that girls vagina. Ever eat gold for breakfast?

Well, I’mma smoke a bowl…guiltily I’ll probably smoke a cigarette. I can feel them in my throat. Cigarettes are terrible. I’m just stressed cuz I’m looking or love, yall, and idc if you judge me, because you’re all gods in my eyes.

x. Spark Twain