Met Frontier Larry

My new thing is ordering a quad shot & a scone. I just paid $10 for this ish! I’m no good. Haha. I’ve got a problem! It’s that I like the good life. But, forreal, when I’m just writing about how I am going to have problems paying rent ~ and then two days later I’m spending $10 on fancy coffee and scone?

This is also one of my strengths. Some of you will be investing in Spark Twain, and so it’s important to know that he doesn’t cut corners.

There are a lot of consistencies in my life which will be with me until old age ~ and buying the $5 coffee instead of the $2 coffee is in my blood, and also in the blood of Witchcraft.

So, uhh, what did I want to tell you? I dragged my cart down to the Uni Area today, and then I met a gentleman named Larry when he politely asked me not to street-vend in front of his property. Fair enough. I look up to Larry. I want to be like Larry. He reminds me of Gardner, although shorter, and likely with less money; although still a lot. I told him that I wasn’t very happy to be a street vender, and that I hoped to only be doing it for 1 or 2 more months. And that is the truth! I’m glad to have met Larry. I hope he reads the investor page of WC.

Honesty, I can’t wait to show you guys my proposal. Not only am I going to lay out the blueprints for how a kava bar should operate, but I am also going to raise $60,000 for 30% of my company ~ that’s a $180,000 evaluation, but I think it’s fair. To keep the light on, we need to make $4500 per month ~ and $5000 per month is the initial goal. However, after 2 years in the same location, I predict we will be doing between 30k and 80k per month. To make $5000 ~ selling have potion and half elixir ~ we need to sell…a lot of drinks haha. 500 small drinks. We have 2 sizes ~ 16oz and 24oz. $10 and $15 respectively. What do you think of that price point? Is it good for a college student in NM? And then 32oz jars are $20 for potion and $25 for elixir ~ and the jars themselves are $5 OR you can bring your own. So…10/16=0.625 & 15/24=0.625 & 0.625 OR 0.78. That’s price per oz for the consumer. All the drinks are the same price, except the 32oz growlers of kava are more expensive. Does that seem right? The difference being that the 16oz & 24oz drinks come with ice, and the 32oz doesn’t come with ice, but the elixir is more profitable than the kava, and so it’s to pass that dynamic onto our customers. Tbh for $80, I would fill a gallon bottom with elixir. But the kava would cost $103.75.

Okay, I’m just rambling. That’s just a taste of what I’ve got. I’m really…at a transitional point right now. Just wait. My story is going to be one of those honestly a week before I funded, I didn’t even know how I was going to pay rent.

x. Spark Twain