No Chill

Perhaps the world is trying to eat the meek and we are not letting it. Are people coming out less because of the Delta Variant? I honestly believe that is the case…which to me, is crazy. I was in Florida for 14 months, and literally…nothing bad ever happened. Tom said that 10 of his friends died at the onset, which is terrible, but that is above and beyond the most horrific story I’ve heard. Mostly I’ve only heard stories via social media. I mean, I totally believe the virus is real, but I’m just like…first of all, how many people think this isn’t man-made? When you look at all the facts, including the fact that it can be traced to Wuhan, where there is one of the most advanced bio-technical labs in the world. YO! China almost certainly was trying to create a virus to kill us all, and in the process has caused Rona.

China man…and England. The English were the first people to ruin everything, and Portugal and Spain and all the Dutchmen fucked things up too. Now it’s China’s turn. We really stunted their growth, however. Seriously. And Japan fucked China up pretty bad too. If I was the Chinese government, I would order of my extensive and powerful empire to build a super bio-weapon. I mean, why not? If you had absolute power, what would you do?

Just picture if the Chinese Government treated all non-Chinese like the US Government treats it’s black citizens. Is that really hard to picture? I mean, the US Government has been an atrocity from the beginning, and as far as I know, all governments are atrocities upon which the people are built to hate. Am I wrong? I mean, except for the Finnish, Swedish and Norwwgian Governments. That’s the future. I mean, let’s get real, the future is Women-led. Anyone who thinks that men are going to continue to run the planet ~ you’re dumb, and everybody knows it even if they don’t tell you.

Bitch better have my money! That’s what I say. And this bitch has a dick!

Yo, I missed like…a handful of credit card payments, starting with and namely I didn’t pay my Dell credit card, because…fuck Dell. This computer literally makes my life harder instead of easier. The entire company of Dell should disband, sell all of their assets and pay out their employees equally; because at least me, personally? I will never purchase another one of their products for my entire life. Obviously, I’ll have to pay the card eventually…but I’m rather surprised at how quickly they…or somebody, sold my information. Like…this is America. I’m making a very conscious choice to keep cash in my pocket right now instead of pay down a debt, and I feel like I’m getting attacked for this wise decision. This is happened to me before, maybe 5 or 7 years ago, and of course I’ve seen it happen to my friends, but now it’s got me thinking…most of America and it’s companies and corporations and all the employees that work for all of them…are living wrong. You are all living wrong! When I miss a $30 payment, that should be your problem, not mine…as I see it. Now, of course, there is some leeway here, and it’s a very vague concept. I know what I’m doing, but helllllla people don’t. You know how many people I’ve met that got themselves into 10 or 20 thousand dollars’ worth of credit card debit at the age of 18? Like…a handful. 10 or 12 ppl. And this is a problem with America. Even if a corporation unfairly eliminated debt for…whoever they want! They could just pay some homeless guy to go through pictures and choose which ones won’t have to pay their bills haha ~ idc. Seriously! This is America, the land of choice. You can request for any patron to leave your establishment…and if they want, they can attempt to sue you. So, distribute money in any way you see fit, but some of these corporations need to distribute. Like ole Jeff going into space. All I see only are meme’s about how he is going to space instead of curing world hunger…and I can’t help but believe the same way. We should chastise him for this decision, and not honor him with press. It’s us. It’s our citizens who are interested in useless bullshit. And so many of you are beautiful women that I am oh-so attracted too haha ~ but you’re still vapid and I blame our government for that. OF COURSE we have to allow corporations to do whatever they want ~ essentially. Again, freedom of choice. Want to sell an addictive product? Fine. Want to change a million dollars for medications that people need to keep them alive? Fine. Want to desecrate the earth in order to allow people to sit on their asses for thousands of miles? This is absolutely okay, because it puts money in the pocket of the government. But what about our right to destroy communities and entities? The US Government fucking bombed Tulsa ~ and what about the Tuskegee experiments? And so…the US Citizens should have every right to act in that exact same matter, until 200 years after the fact! We should be able to take all the employees of JP Morgan and do weird experiments on them ~ JP keeps paying their salaries and wages, but instead of going to work at the bank, the employees drive to a laboratory, where they are put by pairs of two inside of glass chambers and encouraged to mate using cow-prodding and periodic suffocation. We can turn off the air for 30 seconds to a minute and watch them panic ~ as if we’re going to let them die! MUWAHAHAHA~ someone should create an app that we can all download and vote upon which companies will be eliminated.


x. Spark Twain