Today Was A Wonderful Day

Today was a wonderful day.

At first, upon waking, I didn’t feel all that good, but after getting up and moving around for a bit, I felt better quite rapidly.

Skipped eating my oats right away in the morning, and I hoofed it to Satellite Coffee. While I was there I whipped up a Curriculum Vitae for this job at a local cannabis dispensary, then I went to FedEx, printed two copies of my CV and Resume on cardstock, walked home, and then to the dispensary where I submitted both copies inside of a green plastic folder to an employee I had never seen even though I go to there all the time. That’s how you know they’re hiring.

Do I want to get a job? No. I’d rather lay on the beach and get my dicked sucked, but one always seems to lead to the other, and so, I’m getting a job haha. Kava ain’t gonna pay the bills this month! And, moreover, I actually semi-got another job offer today. This guy was talking to me for a while, and then told me that he could get me a job in a second just based off how I talk to people. He said I’d make $100+ every night serving at this restaurant. I’m thinking about doing it. I want free food, and money, and to meet more people…and to meet a girl. I’ve got this whole apartment, yo, and I’ve lived in it for 3 months without having sex with anybody haha. There’s something I don’t get about humanity…everybody is out there having sex with each other, but I’m not sure how it works. I’m not a man, I’m an alien. Big dick alien. I should make shirts that say that ~ they would sell asf out here.

Well…anyway…that’s the update. Just wanted to let you I had a good day. All the people that came to my blog in March of this year, and again in April ~ gone. Nobody reads this blog right now; almost nobody. But that just means people are missing out. Oml homie, when I die, I will go on to legendary status…but I’m hoping to get a little traction before I die to haha. More than a little. I’mma get what I came for.

x. Spark Twain