The Most Famous Person In Albuquerque

I woke up today at like 05:30 or something like that…must have been earlier. Now I’m thinking, actually, that I woke up at 04:46, or something like that. I think someone just knocked the toaster oven off it’s stand here at Michael Thomas. I’ve almost done that, and now I just nuke it. WHEN IT NM ~ NUKE AS THE LEAR DOES.

Today, I have a job interview. It’s for a job I actually want, which is kind of a change. There’s this place by my house that I am a returning customer of, and boom they threw up the now hiring sign, and I decided it’s for me. I’m not all that and a bag of chips haha. I mean, for those who know me, they know that I am all that and a bag of chips, but I’m having problems scaling. Maximum problems. Like…I’ve been taling about opening a business for years, but the closest I’ve ever come turned out to be a logistic failure. SO! That being said…I am going to get a job, buckle down [as buckles does], and work until I’m where I need to be. I’m 29 and 37 days. By the time I am 37 and 29 days, I will have kids and a house. Seriously. These are my goals haha. Well…I guess I have a lot going on. Mostly, I’m just being myself. I think other people really look up to me for my ability to be myself, but sometimes I wish I could do it a little less hard haha. Well, actually, I’m older than I’ve ever been, and I feel different. Like, I used to very much dislike the idea of a job. I’m kind of a hustla ~ ya know? ~ So going to work always bottle necked my money…until it didn’t…and that was a long time ago. I’m hardly a hustler today like I hardly was ever ~ I’m a really good business man, but my ideas are huge ~ always my ideas are too large for my to pursue from where I stand. I’m watching Joe & Anthony Leto out in FL working with Victor and Shelby and that whole vibe is so on point. I have a brilliant idea to start a clothing company ~ branded and marketed for ASMR ~ but I flopped! I invited Joe over to my house and I showed him my whole process ~ I sincerely hope what I taught him influenced the outcomes he possess. I guess I just want to be remembered…but I’m not worried I won’t be remembered. I’m worried I won’t accomplish some of my other goals, but as far as being a legend, as I’ve written several times recently haha, I believe I have accomplished a lot in that regard.

In fact! This morning I was considering that I will grow to be the most famous person in Albuquerque, not unlike Warren Buffet is the most famous person in Omaha or Bob Uecker is the most famous person in Menomonee Falls. Once he dies…I’m not sure who it will be. BUT that is really beside the point. I’ve been working to build an online personality…and it’s pretty scattered haha, but! I know that eventually one of my pieces of content will hit big and then it will drive traction to the rest of my content. Probably will be writing. But I don’t think it will happen without spending some money. Smart money.

I’m talking to Ant right now via dm’s. She’s hella supportive of everything I try and do.

Okay, but I just sent her like 15 long messages haha. I’m just addicted to writing ~ what can I say. I told her about Mama’s Minerals, and my plan for opening a kava bar and having Mama put stuff up for consignment in my store. I’ve got big plans for my kava bar. And, actually, a lot of things. I’m going to be a busy old man. But, as I was saying above, I’m going to have to fund some of this myself. I’ve been thinking about what I would actually do if I contacted someone about the business plan, and then they were like yes, I think this is really good and I want to invest ~ I’m going to send the funding today, I’m as excited to get started as you are, and then I had $54,000 dollars in my bank acct. What would I do? What would my first step be? I’ve got a history of losing everything haha. But, failure wouldn’t be an option! Only success! If someone invested 54k in me, the first thing I would do is call the realtors for the building I want, tour the building, and then find out the deets about locking in a lease. I would ask if I could move the first year of rent into double payments for the final year of the lease ~ or if I could simply not pay rent while I am doing construction for the first 2 months. We are coming out of a recession and a lot of the businesses around here are closed ~ I think I would have luck with those negotiations. Especially if I had some cash to work with. So the spot is $2,200 per month, and if we set aside enough rent for 8 months ~ that’s $17,600 I would keep saved for 8 months of rent. I would write an advertisement seeking general laborers and put it out into the ether ~ Craigslist & Facebook. I would pay someone to write the ad in Spanish. I would offer $22 per hour for a team of 2-3 laborers with various skills. I need to build a brick wall and wood counter top, and then on-top of that if I could build a long-term relationship with those laborers, that would be the best. Oh, I’d love if they could help with tear-down too. Yeah. Fuck yeah! But, I guess that dream is in the past haha. I’ve pretty much moved my effort into getting a job. The best time to raise money is when you don’t need it, and right now I definitely need it, which probably means it’s a bad time to raise money. I’m of being a man who is all motivation and no discipline. With discipline, I will be unstoppable. And, so, although it is possible I get funded for my Kava Bar very quickly, it is also likely that if that happens, I lose control. I don’t want to try and open my own business just to have one of my investors become my boss, you know? I need to have a little more skin in the game! Slow and steady will win the race for me. I’m pretty far behind a lot of my peers right now, but in 8 years yo, Imma be in a different mode.

x. Spark Twain