Launchpad + Whataburger + Whale

The tiem is 11:50 and I am writing to you from Satellite Coffee…which I still can’t spell satellite haha, but you would never know that because s p e l l c h e c k nawmean?

Today is Thursday!

You know what that means!

Virtual Cipher in the Token Smart Discord. THIS IS THE LINK although the link itself is pretty cool it’s I don’t know if all discord links are so elegant. My version of the invite link for our home Discord, where we have a virtual cipher every Sunday at 4pm in Albuquerque [it’s virtual, so, compare ABQTZ to your own TZ[timezone]].

Really, I should write an article strictly dedicated to these virtual ciphers. They are so much fun, and hella more people should and could join. Eventually, maybe, I’ll have a full time job hosting ciphers haha. When you’re paying in eth, everything is different.

Omg, and I haven’t even written about any of the irl stuff.

Last night I did a show with my firned Keith and it was pretty sick. He is a weird dude, forsure, but perhaps no weirder than me. How does on really know?

So…okay, yeah. Last night I went to the Launchpad in ABQ to not only vend my t-shirts, but also to do make a little hip-hop. After I spit my verses, somebody came up and talked to me about it ~ told me he would be filming the next event and it will be YouTube quality, and that I could use the video…damn. Did I tell yall I applied at a job at a Dispensary? And now I’m seeing all these opportunities to make money again haha, like I saw the last time I tried to get a job. I guess, either way, I am going to have to find some sort of income. I thought about going out and selling kava this morning, but I came to Satellite Coffee instead, not only because I have a coffee addition, but also because I have a money spending addiction. I am typing without looking at the keys right now, and I feel like a boss for it. But I will admit, it’s not perfect.  There are a lot of times I have to look back down at the keys. And perhaps this is because I am not focused, or perhaps it is because I am not a good typist. I would not be a good stenographer, that is forsure. I guess, actually, my mind has evolved to keep up with my writing. I think at the same speed I am writing right now. The literal stream of my consciousness. I went back, just not, and added the word “actually” to that sentence. I don’t know why I am telling you this…but I’ve been thinking that, someday, where the right group of whippersnappers finds this blog, my status will be changed specifically in the Stream Of Consciousness niche. I’m literally just doing what I have to do to survive right now, and I don’t get paid for it, but it is a philosophy all amongst itself. If something makes you happy, you have an obligation to it, and in the process you might inspire people to do the same.

So I did the show last night, and then afterwards I hungout with my friend Joseph, whom everyone else called Joe. Pretty sure he told me his name was Joseph tho. I’m really terrible with names. It takes me a while to have confidence with them, even though I typically do remember them. So, anyway, I told him about the show, and then after he was done doordashing he came though! It was litty. He didn’t see me rap, but he got to catch some other good rappers. The rap skill in this country is off the chizii.

After the show he asked if I wanted to come over and smoke a bowl, and I decided I did so then we went through. Also, it turns out that Joe’s uncle works at El Rey, so it was nothing for them to pull up to the Launchpad show. This is good. I’m meeting people. I’m learning stuff. I almost applied for that liquor store job, but then I decided that working at a liquor store wasn’t in my best interests. The people who work there are good. I met…R. Let’s call him Dread Beard, or DB for short. Not that I’ll be writing about this guy a lot and that could be a little confusing cuz I’ve been bumpin hella DB Boutabag recently, and so I’m almost certainly going to write more about DB than DB. Anyway….Dread Beard told me he is the manager at Launchpad, and he knows Tug, and Joe and Sergio knew DB. It’s a big party! Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for writing about it. None of the stories or people on this blog are based on real life events or people, despite the constantly piling evidence against that truthful statement haha.

Then I find out this guy owns the keyboard that was used on Deloused in the Comatorium. Fuckin cool! I love when cool shit happens to me and I can write about it. I’m excited to start finding monetary success and writing about it, forreal. That will be good content, and I know it will be, and I know it will encourage new readers to visit my older work. But…gotta get bouta bag, ya know? You can’t make a couple racks, then you stuck ~ DB.

OKAY But that’s not all. And omg ~ I finished my espresso, and now I think I should go to Duke City and start slanging kava there. She kind of sounded like…anyway ~ I hope she wants to go into business with me and not try to hire me as an employee. Forreal.

OKAY But that’s not what I was even going to say.

Gilbert told me he saw a body last night. Mori…Marti…I can’t remember the dead mans name, but Gilbert told me that he saw him. Gilbert is a homeless man, but he’s hella well put together. Thought about making some YouTube videos with him trying to raise him some money to get off the streets. Actually, I still might. This is what I mean what I say my content is going to get better as the doe starts rolling in. Tbh I’m really expecting to find out, tomorrow, that I’ve been hired by a dispensary. The only one I’ve ever been to in the state of NM.

None of that has to do with Gilbert. Well, actually it does. The having money to pay a video editor part.

But anyway…Gilb was shook. He told me. He said homeless people, us street people don’t die from old age or covid. We die cuz some kid gets mad at his girlfriend and decides to smash his head in while he’s asleep. Remember when that happened, up on the westside [directed at someone else]? Or we get stabbed. I remember when this one guy Roni ~ his name was Ronny  ~ he got stabbed. He was a cool dude. Kind of aggressive to women and shit…I mean, he used to spit at the cars [imitates spitting sound and action]. He was kind of a nutjob haha, but he was a nice guy.

The rich get richer, and the poor get their heads mashed in with a rock. Think about it. I’m poor as fuck right now. I made $40 bucks in cash last night, and I spent it all on Whataburger, Weed, and now $2.43 on a single espresso from Satellite. Now I’m broke asf again. This is why I should be at Duke City. And now….I think things might get a little twisted. If I get hired at this dispensary, I’m going to work there for quite some time. I want more, but I can’t forget that there is no shortcut. I could easily go outside and become a street person. Total free time? I’m there. Except, I’d rather stay in India for 10 years as a poor foreigner than 1 year in America as a homeless national. I don’t think I would do very well as a homeless person in India, but I could make $100 per month work for 10 years haha.

Wtf? Connor Oberst just started playin in the coffee shop. I guess I’m at the end of my article now. I should have gone and sold kava this morning, almost forsure. I’m going to do it tomorrow morning…and then I might come down here to the university tonight as sell some. I’ve been coming down here on Thursdays…and it’s been going okay. I guess, actually, I was going downtown AND telling people that I’m downtown on Thursdays, but I prefer coming up to the Uni. Gilb is here, and there’s this girl at Cheebahut I like to see walk past haha. Plus the college crowd really is my target audience. Yesterday I worked a little more on my Kava funding plan, but I think I’m a ways away from publishing still.

OKAY! That’s what I have. Launchpad ~ Whataburger ~ 5am ~ Wake ~ Write. Now…OH The damn cipher at 4pm. I’ll be there. I love the ciphers. AND I love getting free whale. I’mma sit on that stuff. Whp knows what it will be worth, but it’s an early social token, so, I’m down!

And…I’m probably not going to go sell kava at Duke City today, but I’m going to figure out how in-depth I can get working with them.

x. Spark Twain