birth of spark yeezy

The Birth of Spark Yeezy

The time is 09:01 and I am writing to you from Satellite coffee. It’s quite bust right now. There is a guy stocking magazine’s. He is taking the old ones away. Too bad I didn’t get one, but really, I just didn’t cop it cuz I’m broke haha. But I’m supposed to hear back from that dispensary today. If they hit me with the L…I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’ll have to bust some sort of move. Oh ish ~ and the owner of CD had just approached me earlier and told me that I still have a check at the restaurant. Which is what’s up. Fuck yeah. Gilbert was there when I heard about the check. I gave him two things today ~ a shirt, and a choice; the choice came first. The choice was between two shirts, and actually, he took the one that I like less haha. I was originally going to just bring him a shirt, and so I picked one out ~ one of the good ones ~ but then after I picked it out, I decided to just give him a choice, so I picked another shirt ~ one with dark colors that I thought he might like, and actually I was one I was planning to keep in my collection forever instead of selling unlike the first one I picked out which, although I had worn 2 or 4 times, I had decided I was selling.

He picked out the one he liked more, which happened to be the one I planned to sell. Different vibes for different tribes. I should bring that up to him ~ that even if he saw me wearing that shirt, I’m not treating him different than any other custie, in that I sell shirts I’ve worn 2 or 4 times haha.

I haven’t even purchased anything yet, but I’m going to. Then at like…well, in like an hour, I’m going to go home, get ready, and then post up out front of Duke City Herbs. Hopefully it goes well. I have no idea how many people might walk past. Saturday I’m going to show up even earlier, like 10am. Today I might not show up until noon, honestly, even though there is money to make between 11 and noon. Maybe I’ll get there by 11:30. There isn’t that much for me to do beforehand, really.

Now that I’m out of capital, I can’t keep digging myself into the red, but I need to. There is a pride parade coming up on the 21st, and 5sho if I get a job I’ll have to work, because everyone else is going to take off for that day haha. But it would be the best day for selling kava. I could make hella money. Ugh. There is no way that I’m going to make enough money in the next few days, even if I go into CD and pickup that check. What a strange name for a restaurant. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I worked there, just because of the name haha. The name is not on-point, but the guy who runs it is hella cool.

Okay. I’mma pop in line and grab something to drink/eat. Sugar and coffee ~ it’s what America runs on haha.

Doppio and a Biscotti! That’s my move ~ as of late. Moved from the scone to the biscotti ~ ain’t no stopping me! One morning I ate two of them. It was heavy, but good. High metabolism.

Word: Metabowlism Definition: The rate at which your NFT’s sell [after being minted], ranging from complete shit to real shit.  

Whole lotta interesting things you can learn here on the ST blog…

My real mission should be retention. I’m looking at my analytics from the last 9 months, and it’s cool that I had a bunch of readers back in March, and in fact, the time-on-site was pretty high during that time ~ but none of those folks stuck around. Now I have almost zer0 readers per day, but I’ve been here before haha. My writing doesn’t necessarily depend upon having readers, but it would be nice to have my writing read when published. I could post about it on my IG…perhaps I will do that today. I bet at least some people would read this if I posted about it ~ but then once you get multiple blog posts behind [in reading], it’s probably quite intimidating to try and catch up.

My espresso is ready! Woo! I’m really getting used to this place. Ooo. I think the single espresso is better. I wonder if they pull their singles as doubles here ~ perhaps that is common practice in some certain types of coffee shops ~ something that I don’t know about.

I’ve been thinking about Asia a lot recently. My friend Garret, the guy who runs Crowd Funder, he’s going down to Medellin in a couple of weeks, and that’s pretty hype. I wish I could join him, and actually go meet him in person, but instead? I’m working to get a job, probably haha. Somehow, with everything I’ve done in the past ten years, I’ve missed out on making money. In the next ten years, I want to focus on it, but not in an obsessive sense, more in the sense that I should have been focusing on it the entire time I have been in my adult life. There is a man reading a book in here, and perhaps it is the dictionary, and he looks very into it; got me thinking about writing a book. There are a lot of things I merely talk about doing, but then I never do. OR, I haven’t done, up until this point. Starting a business, writing a book, recording a rap album, and much more. But those ones are huge. All things I am going to do before I am…38. That’s 9 years. start a business ~ write a book ~ record a rap album ~ these are a few of the things on my list. At the same time ~ meet a women ~ have a kid ~ travel Africa. How am I going to get it all done? I need help. I need a mentor to help me unlock some of the secrets of life. But, at the same time, my astrology says I’ll be going it alone for quite some time. So, perhaps I am my own mentor. What would future me, tell me?

I’m going to get rich how Rick got interdimensional space travel.
People talkin shit, but when the shit hit the fan, everything I’m not made me everything I am.

x. Spark Yeezy