duke city witchcraft

Duke City Witchcraft

I think mother fuckers are too soft. This is just my opinion. Everybody listens to gangsta ass rap music, but they be preaching that we should all live good lives and treat each other fairly too. Like, which is it bitch? You a gangsta or you get took?

The ego. What is the ego? How’s my ego look? I just got out of the shower, so now I match my ego. Wet.

I’m eating hazelnuts. I wish more grocery stores were like La Montanita. Actually, I think a lot of grocery stores are becoming like La Montanita…slowly. They have this isle with nuts and dried fruits. It’s as litty as any isle can get. I go into a normal grocery store, like a Smith’s or a Pick-n-Save, and I feel like they aren’t even selling food. I feel like most of the “food” we consume in America isn’t even food. What we consume are profitable products. What if I told you…there is no money in food? Sounds crazy right. But 5real ~ the way people eat is changing. Of course there is money in food, and there will be for at least 100 or 200 more years ~ obviously, duh. But how we consume is changing, as well as how we produce. The best burger I’ve ever had was made by a robot on 5th & Mission in San Francisco. Maybe it was more like 8th, I don’t really remember…Creator ~ that’s the name of the place ~ Creator Burger. It’s dank. I love robots. The people should get together and fund a project, idk, like with kickstarter or whatever, and fund enough money to design the first self-aware piece of tech, and then The People [who contributed to the kickstarter] would have control over that piece of tech, and hopefully would use to overthrow the _________. If there’s one thing I know about America ~ it’s more Spark Twain than Donald Trump, and nobody you ask will tell you different…at least nobody that contributed to the kickstarter campaign.

The time is 08:43 and I accidently just thanked a robot. I think we’ve probably all done that. I know that that is not the first time I have thanked a robot for doing it’s…job. Do robots have jobs? It’s more like a task, or an assignment. Robots…are not people. But people will probably become robots. At least, that’s what I’m planning to do! I feel it yo. My 30’s I’m gonna stack up hella doe, and my 40’s I’m going to begin my transformation into a robot, and by 56 I’ll be hella cybernetic. Hella. Ain’t nobody fuckin with Cyber Twain. + I already own cybertwain.com, so, how do you like them apples.

My espresso is up.

I feel like this place was more boppin a couple of weeks ago. My friend goes out and sells stuff on Saturday mornings by his house, and there is pretty good foot traffic there ~ he says it’s getting better. But I kinna stopped fuckin with him plus I’m kind of building a relationship with the lady who owns Duke City Herbs, and this could definitely bossom into something brighter. Ha. I’m hoping to make $300 today ~ seriously. That’s very…a lot. I almost made $100 yesterday, and that was pretty nice. But If I’m going to pay my rent, I’ll need to make a lot more. I’m tempted to talk to Jan about it, but…not yet.

The girl who made my espresso is an interesting character. She’s wearing a bolo tie, and, although her face is covered in a mask, she looks rather pretty…and I don’t know how I would have never seen her before because I come to this coffee shop so often, but that’s how it goes, I guess. At least when you are as stoned as I am.

OKAY! Yeah. Fuck yeah. It’s all happening right now. Slowly, but surely. This girl Janna….I’m really hoping she lets me have a lot of control, otherwise I’m going to cry haha. I’m kidding. Otherwise I will just go my own way, you know? I’ve been spent a lot of time going my own way. But I would like to be able to stay here in Albuquerque. I didn’t play it smart ~ at all. I could have played it way smarter, forsure. Never too late to start! But as I’ve been saying ~ I’m going to have to get some sort of job. Idk what that is going to be…but it seems unlikely that kava is going to pay the bills at this particular time. PLUS winter is coming up, and idk why I thought it was going to be nice here in the winter haha ~ it’s the mountains and the dessert. Fivereal. So…well idk how it could possibly all work out, but I am going to make it happen. I’m going to make it happen on Route 66.

In fact, it’s really like, I should be out drinking $4 shots of espresso when I’m going to be late on my rent haha. BBUT II really don’t spend that extravagantly, and I don’t feel like I should have to life a lifestyle other than that which comes natural, just because the titans of capitalism have artificially inflated the value of…everything. Haha. EVERYTHIGN! It’s damn expensive to live in America these days. I might be getting lucky…or…I always get lucky. Something like that. Anyway…the time is now 08:57 ~ I’m going to go ahead and post this, and then go sell kava and shirts all day ~ she’s opening an hour early for me ,and I don’t want to be late.

x. Spark Twain