Flip edoM

The time is 09:04 and I am writing to you from Satellite Coffee, which is on Route 66, but nobody in the city of Albuquerque talks about anything that way.

Right now, I’m sitting here thinking…I guess that’s what I do. I sit, and I daydream, and I write haha. I’m going to try and get the lady who runs the herb shop to hire me. I’m only going to ask for like…something minimal, like $10 per hour. Idk. This sounds dumb now that I’m writing it out haha. She let’s me set up in front of her shop, for free, and keep all the money I make. I want to get more going on in that regard. I want to get more glass, and more…everything. Create a real destination for people in Albuquerque. Hodl the fucking phone! I’m going to look at the years weather patterns for this city…something which I have never done.

Things don’t look so bad. Fuck. It’s raining and I totally didn’t bring my raincoat. Wtf haha. That thing is super light. I’m supposed to bring it everywhere! Especially in the rainy season! Weird ole me.

Who knows if I will even live here next year at this time, you know? I want to sign a year long lease at my apartment, but I will have to have a job to support that. I’ve been thinking about what I can do. Hmm. Seriously. Maybe she will hire me. I’m going to pitch it to her. If I can get $10 per hour plus keep what I make out front ~ and I’ll help with all the social media. I’d love to get involved with the shop in order to keep my apartment, and then fall in love with the city. I like the city a lot already, and it has blessed with me a halfway decent income. But, I need more. I’m going to just tell her the truth ~ that I need a job in order to stay in the city, and I want to stay in the city, so I’m probably going to get a job, but rather then spend most of my time doing something I don’t like that will really lead nowhere except for the paycheck [which isn’t nowhere, because I do need that], it would be nice if I could spend my time working on a project I can be passionate about. And it’s not like I’m trying to squeeze money out of anyone either. I legit think I can increase business at that shop. What’s a $1,200 per month salary like? I’m pretty sure that is cheap. I want to be able to put my all into this project…I trust this person, mostly. I mean, trust is built over time, you know? But so far, things are going quite well. So if I can increase business at her shop, to the point where ~ not only is it worth what she is paying me, but it’s worth much more than that ~ I’m expecting that will come back to me. This has to have an end. I not only need to get paid ~ I want control. The kind that allows me to schedule events and invite vendors and whatnot. She wants to get more people in her shop? I can help build that name.

I’ll represent DCH at the art walk too ~ that would be big. Hell yeah! There are a lot of ways we can work together. Forreal.

It was raining a bit, but that’s over. Imma go outside cuz I’m farting lie crazy haha. I’m also all the way out of money…again! Damn haha. I do run through money at a crazy rate. Like; I made at least $120 between Friday and Saturday in front of DCH…but it’s all gone. ALL GONE! I fucked up haha. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to have to smoke less or something, cuz it’s just not working. Like, forsure at least 30 of my dollars went to cannabis, and that’s just…too wild. Gotta solve that. I’ve been finding the way, but I haven’t executed anything. Ugh. But now we’re at the line, ya dig? I’m going to do two things. I’m going to pitch for the job, and I’m going to talk to my landlord about being late on my rent. I should have this problem solved by now, but, the truth is I’m not a bad tenant, as much as a man who is trying to follow his dreams. In time, I believe I will prove to be a good tenant. My apartment is quite nice, and I what I have going on here in the Q is over all very good. I don’t want to lose it. I’m ready like Spongebob to make a flip tho ~ that’s forsure.

x. Spark Twain